Old recipe: Healthy summer drink Switchel

Summer drink Switchel: refreshment with ginger, apple cider vinegar and lemon

Do you know Switchel? The hip summer drink is actually an old hat. Already in the 17th century, North American farmers fortified themselves with a ginger and vinegar lemonade after the exhausting hay harvest. This is how the drink with its interesting combination of spiciness and acid came to its second name »Heumacher-Punsch« (Haymakers Punch). It was a refreshment on hot days and made the throat feel pleasantly like after a sip of whiskey.
Today the lemonade is a trendy drink and is celebrated in the fitness scene for its healthy ingredients.

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts the immune system, while the lemon provides the body with vitamin C. Apple cider vinegar provides important vitamins and minerals, stimulates metabolism and digestion. Despite all its advantages, the lemonade is far from a "miracle drink", as promised by many advertisements.

If you want to prepare Switchel yourself, you only need a few ingredients. First peel a large ginger root, cut it into coarse pieces and boil it with six cups of water for one to two minutes. Then let it steep for 20 minutes. Now add half a cup of naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It gets sweeter with a spoonful of maple syrup or honey. Finally, stir the switchel vigorously, pour it through a sieve into a glass and enjoy it chilled with ice cubes.

Imagination is required for other variants. It gets fruity, for example, with a dash of orange juice or strawberry puree and lime juice. You can also decorate the classic Switchel with a lemon wedge and herbs such as basil and rosemary. A few colorful fruits such as currants and blueberries in a glass are a nice eye-catcher. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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