Love life: What women pay particular attention to when looking for a partner

Love life: What women pay particular attention to when looking for a partner

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What are the selection criteria for finding a partner for women?

There are many people who are still looking for a partner for life. But what does the choice of women and men depend on? Researchers have now found that for younger women, the level of education of the future man is a very important selection criterion when looking for a partner.

In their current study, the scientists at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) found that younger women attach great importance to the level of education when looking for a partner. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Psychological Science".

Women are looking for partners with a high level of education

Younger women are more interested in their potential partner's level of education than their male colleagues, the Australian researchers explain. For their investigation, the doctors analyzed the data from a dating website of more than 41,000 Australians. It was found that women stated much more often that their potential partner should have an equivalent or higher level of education than themselves. In men, such statements can only be observed in comparable frequency from the age of 40, the scientists explain. Previous online dating studies had also shown that women often have a higher preference for their partner's level of education.

Young women give priority to certain educational qualifications

According to the current study, women in their online dating profile state that the level of education is an important selection criterion for their potential partner compared to the online dating profile of men. Although women are more likely to have a higher level of education across all age groups, women between the ages of 18 and 40 in particular have given priority to certain educational qualifications.

From the age of 40, the level of education becomes important for men

However, the results change from the age of 40, with men from this age developing rather strict criteria for the educational level of the future partner. The study also found that men and women care less about their future partner's education after age 50.

Study shows changes in women's preferences over time

Previous online dating studies had already produced similar results, but the data from the current study take into account an extremely wide age range (between 18 and 80 years) for the first time. It was possible to show how preferences change over the entire reproductive cycle, explains study author Dr. Stephen Whyte from the Queensland University of Technology.

The specified selection criteria often did not match the partner

The largest behavioral analysis of Australian online dating habits to date verified the behavior of 41,936 members who registered there within four months in 2016. Already last year, the team revealed that there was little similarity between what users had chosen as a selection criterion when looking for a partner and the characteristics of the people they actually contacted while using the online dating website .

The researchers found that a third of the first messages sent on the website were sent to people who did not actually meet any of the criteria that users originally specified on their profiles. Less than one percent of the messages were sent to people who found an ideal match, the researchers explain. (as)

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