Dangerous poisons: again harmful fipronil detected in eggs

Fipronil insect venom in eggs: maximum values ​​exceeded again

About a year ago, it was announced that thousands of eggs that ended up in German trade were contaminated with insecticides. Now the insecticide Fipronil has been proven again in imports from the Netherlands. According to the authorities, there is no health risk for consumers.

Eggs contaminated with fipronil

In the summer of last year, it was announced that hundreds of thousands of eggs with Dutch production containing fipronil had reached the market in North Rhine-Westphalia. Shortly afterwards it turned out that the contaminated food had also ended up in other federal states. The discounter Aldi then took all the eggs from the supermarkets. Other traders had also responded: a total of several million eggs had been recalled. The insecticide has now been detected again in imports from the Netherlands.

Eggs from an organic laying hen farm

As the news agency Reuters announced, the permissible fipronil limit for eggs from an organic laying hen farm from the Netherlands had been exceeded. The agency relies on a communication from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the tests in Vechta fipronil concentrations up to 0.019 milligrams per kilogram were found.

The maximum allowed is said to be 0.005 milligrams. According to the Ministry in Hanover, there is no health risk.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), “a fipronil concentration of 0.72 mg / kg (sum of fipronil and the sulfone metabolite MB46136, calculated as fipronil) in chicken eggs can be regarded as the maximum concentration at which none of the consumer groups examined showed an acute health problem There is risk ".

The same companies involved

According to the agency announcement, the same companies that were involved in the Fipronil scandal in 2017 are apparently involved again this time.

The announcement from Hanover states: "The findings are in line with current Dutch press reports, which report increased fipronil residues in eggs from companies that were closed at the time."

The authorities in Lower Saxony are said to have ordered organic eggs to be removed from the market. The Dutch colleagues were also informed. Further results of the current investigation are not expected before the beginning of next week.

Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is used against fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches and mites, among others. Use in animals that deliver food is not permitted. (ad)

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