Lowering blood pressure: How to naturally lower high blood pressure again

Lowering blood pressure: How to naturally lower high blood pressure again

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Tips from experts: naturally lower high blood pressure

Hypertension is often quickly treated with medication. But there are also ways to lower blood pressure without tablets. Health experts say endurance sports are particularly suitable for patients with hypertension.

Medications are not always necessary to lower blood pressure

Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). According to the German Heart Foundation, around 20 million adults are affected in this country. Other health experts believe that it could be as many as 30 million people. "Hypertension arises from the interaction of hereditary predispositions and unfavorable lifestyle factors such as being overweight, too high a salt intake, lack of exercise, too much alcohol and smoking, which drive the blood pressure up," writes the heart foundation in a message. "If you want to lower your blood pressure using natural means, you should exercise regularly," said the experts. Proper nutrition can also help.

Healthy eating

It has long been known that a balanced, healthy diet can make a significant contribution to lowering blood pressure.

It is very important here: salt only in moderation. A high-salt diet can raise blood pressure. No more than four to six grams of salt should be consumed per day. It should be noted that large quantities of salt are often contained in most finished products.

The menu should generally contain a lot of fruits and vegetables. Certain foods have a particularly positive impact on blood pressure. We recommend garlic, beetroot juices and hawthorn.

According to a study, drinking kefir frequently can lower blood pressure.

In addition to the right diet, sufficient exercise is also important to achieve "normal" blood pressure values.

Endurance sports have proven to be particularly helpful

Endurance sports have proven to be particularly helpful for people with high blood pressure.

"All sports that have a moderate endurance load are best suited," explains Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Landmesser from the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation and Director of the Clinic for Cardiology at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

In addition to fast walking, hiking or jogging, these are also sports such as swimming and cycling. Ball sports such as tennis are also possible if not played under competitive conditions.

The cardiologist advises to be active at least half an hour three to five times a week. However, patients should not be too ambitious to avoid dangerous overloading.

On its website, the German Heart Foundation has further recommendations on what measures can be taken to lower high blood pressure.

Sports with high blood pressure: Those affected should pay attention to this

Patients with high blood pressure who want to start training should have a cardiologist check-up beforehand.

According to the foundation, this applies in particular if there are additional concomitant diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease (CHD).

The experts point out what people should generally pay attention to when doing sports:

Before starting the training, the blood pressure should be set well. Sports should not be started with values ​​above 160/95 mmHg.

Only train in such a way that you can have a good conversation.

Moderate strength training can also make sense - ideally under expert guidance to avoid overloading.

For people who do not like jogging or cycling, brisk walking can be an alternative. (ad)

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