New recall campaign at Lidl stores due to hepatitis E viruses in lettuce

Recall at Lidl: Hepatitis E viruses discovered in seaweed salad

The Dutch manufacturer Heiploeg International B.V. recalls the product "Wakame Salat - Meeresalgen Natur, 100g". Hepatitis E viruses have been detected in the salad that was sold at the discount supermarket Lidl. These pathogens can lead to severe inflammation of the liver.

Do not consume the product affected by the recall

The Dutch manufacturer Heiploeg International B.V. has started a call-back for the product "Wakame Salad - Marine Algae Natural, 100g" with a usage date up to and including 05.06.2018. "In an investigation, hepatitis E viruses were detected in a package of the affected product," says a message from the company. And further: “Hepatitis E viruses can trigger severe liver inflammation. Because of this health risk, customers should pay attention to the recall and not consume the affected product. "

The infection can become very dangerous for certain people

According to health experts, most hepatitis E infections heal in those affected with no or hardly noticeable symptoms.

Sometimes, flu-like symptoms such as fever, nausea and vomiting or dark urine appear only after weeks.

Later jaundice and upper abdominal pain often occur, although the former does not occur in all patients.

However, infection can also be very dangerous for people with a weakened immune system or with chronic liver disease.

In these people, chronic courses with acute symptoms or dangerous liver cirrhosis are at risk.

Sold at Lidl Germany

According to the information, the product affected by the recall was sold at Lidl Germany.

The discounter responded immediately according to its own statements and removed the affected goods from the sale.

The product can be returned in all Lidl branches. The purchase price will also be reimbursed without presentation of the receipt. (ad)

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