Mysterious viruses: Many killed by the dangerous Nipha virus

Mysterious viruses: Many killed by the dangerous Nipha virus

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Several deaths from illness against which there is no vaccination and treatment

In India, several people have died after being infected with the dangerous Nipha virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this pathogen is one of those who urgently need accelerated research “given its potential to cause a public health emergency and the lack of effective medicines and / or vaccines”.

Nipha virus kills several people

In southern India, several people have died from infections with the dangerous Nipah virus. According to health officials from the state of Kerala, the fatal pathogen has been detected in three deceased. The results of another six victims are still pending. A total of 25 people with symptoms have been hospitalized in the city of Kozhikode, reports the "BBC".

Prevent the spread of the disease

Kerala's health minister Rajeev Sadanandan told the BBC that a nurse who had treated the patients had also died.

“We sent blood and body fluid samples of all suspected cases to the National Institute of Virology in Pune for confirmation. So far it has been confirmed that three deaths were due to Nipah, ”said the minister.

"We are now focusing on precautions to prevent the disease from spreading as treatment is limited to supportive care."

Public health risk

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists the Nipha virus in its list of diseases and pathogens that “pose a risk to public health and for which there are no or inadequate countermeasures”.

This list recently attracted worldwide attention as the WHO also added an unknown disease X that could threaten global health emergencies.

There is no vaccination or causal treatment against the Nipha virus, which was first detected in Malaysia in 1998.

Only the symptoms can be alleviated with medication. According to the “BBC”, the mortality rate is 70 percent.

Permanent consequences of the disease

According to health experts, after an incubation period of less than two weeks, the condition becomes noticeable with high fever and flu-like symptoms such as headache and dizziness.

In the further course, respiratory diseases and fatal meningitis can occur.

It is also known that patients can experience long-term consequences such as personality changes and epilepsy. (ad)

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