How old will I be?

New app "A Life Journey" is intended to explain demographic relationships in a playful way
"The Germans are getting older". "Ten billion people will live on Earth by 2050". Everyone has heard this or similar statements before. Otherwise, for most, demography is a book with seven seals. The “A Life Journey” app wants to change that and has set itself the task of creating a better understanding of demographic issues. The Max Planck Society reports in a current announcement.

The "A Life Journey" app consists of ten subject areas, each of which is divided into several sub-items. The questions dealt with include how an aging society works, whether there is a recipe for healthy aging or what the chances are of turning 100. In addition to short information texts and clear graphics, each focus also includes an interactive function. For example, users of the app can have their life expectancy calculated or simulate what their face could look like in old age.

The app is based on the traveling exhibition "How to get to 100 - and enjoy it", a joint project by Population Europe, the Max Planck Society, the ESRC Research Center for Population Change, which took place in more than 20 European cities from 2013 to 2016 Stopped. Visitors had the opportunity to get additional information about a specific exhibit via iPad. These digital works were later used for the app.

The app was developed by the science network "Population Europe" in Berlin, which is managed by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) based in Rostock. Andreas Edel, MPIDR researcher and Executive Secretary of "Population Europe" was in charge. “Demography concerns us all,” he says, referring to demographic change that “has long been a reality”. Edel also fights against the prejudice that demographics are only about stupid statistics. "Demography is very real, it deals with issues that are essential for all of our life planning," he says.

The aim of the "Population Europe" network is to make current research results from demography understandable to the general public. Scientists from all over Europe work together, which is why the app can be used in ten different languages. It is currently available for iPhone and iPad. In the long term, however, the content should also be shown on a new website.

In addition to "A Life Journey", the researchers from "Population Europe" have already put together curricula for schools that are freely available on the homepage The offer is rounded off with videos, graphics and further links on the subject of population development and demography. (sb, pm)

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