Researchers suddenly discover new hair growth in osteoporosis drugs

Anti-osteoporosis drug prevents hair loss

Many men have problems with the fullness of their hair. If you are one of those men who lost hair early and is bald, then there might be some good news for you: researchers have found that a brittle bone drug could completely cure such baldness.

The University of Manchester scientists found in their current investigation that an anti-osteoporosis medication stimulates hair growth in follicles, which may open opportunities for hair regeneration in the future. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Public Library of Science Biology".

Men spend a lot of money to prevent baldness

Many men have problems with the fullness of their hair in old age. At some point the first hair falls out and after a few years it may be that baldness has developed in those affected. However, most men are quite vain when it comes to their hair. So they are looking for ways and means to regrow bald spots or to prevent progressive hair loss. Many men have such funds cost a lot of money, but the effectiveness usually leaves something to be desired.

WAY-316606 stimulates hair growth

A brittle-bone medication might help end baldness problems in the future. The drug against osteoporosis stimulated hair growth in follicles during laboratory experiments. This suggests that this remedy could be used to treat hair loss, the doctors say. The compound called WAY-316606 attacks a protein that restricts hair growth. However, this discovery still needs to be verified in further clinical studies.

End of baldness in sight?

The fact that this new agent, which has never been considered in a hair loss context, promotes the growth of human hair, is very exciting because of its great potential, explains study author Dr. Nathan Hawkshaw from the University of Manchester. One day, this could lead to people with baldness benefiting from this drug.

More research is needed

Of course, additional clinical studies are needed to determine whether this drug or similar compounds are really effective and safe for hair loss patients, the scientists say.

What are the options for baldness?

There are already two medications to treat hair loss in men. But both minoxidil and finasteride have side effects and can also lead to disappointing results, the authors explain. Another option for bald men is an expensive operation, in which hair is then transplanted

Experts also tested anti-organ rejection agents

In their study, the doctors also looked at unusual ways to promote hair growth. The researchers first examined cyclosporin A, which was used to prevent organ rejection in transplant patients. One of the side effects of the drug is unwanted hair growth. However, it quickly became apparent that other side effects made the drug unsuitable for treating hair loss.

WAY-316606 worked better than other means

The donated follicles from hair transplants from more than 40 patients were subjected to various tests for the study. These follicles were treated with the brittle bone drug for six days. The results show that the follicles quickly entered an active phase of hair growth. The experts also found that WAY-316606 works better than other agents. Perhaps the new findings will mean that those affected will no longer have to suffer from their baldness in the future. (as)

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