Green algae juice covers the daily vitamin B12 requirement

Green algae juice covers the daily vitamin B12 requirement

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Unique drink worldwide: Covering daily vitamin B12 requirements with algae juice

More and more Germans feed without animal products. A vegan diet is not only associated with health benefits, but also makes an important contribution to ecological life. However, the supply of vitamin B12 is considered problematic with this diet. Aid now comes from Brandenburg, where a student developed a drink that can meet daily vitamin B12 needs.

Prevent vitamin B12 deficiency

The number of people who are vegan for health, moral and ethical reasons is increasing. Some critics believe that this diet can lead to nutrient deficits, but experts say that many vegans are more aware of deficiencies than other people. For some nutrients, it is actually more difficult to get enough of them through a vegan diet. Especially the supply of vitamin B12 can cause problems. However, vegans are generally aware that they should prevent vitamin B12 deficiency. This is possible, among other things, through food supplements or by inquiring which foods contain the most nutrients and eating accordingly. Another possibility could be a new algae juice that a student in Brandenburg developed.

Revolutionary drink

Valentin Kunze, a student at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE), developed a new beverage that is unique in the world together with the Mosterei Ketzür (Brandenburg) during his internship semester.

The juice, which is filled in brown 250ml bottles, is offered in two flavors: apple aronia and apple-carrot-ginger.

"They are the result of weeks of testing and turned out to be particularly tasty in combination with the very flavor-intensive chlorella algae," explains Kunze, who is studying organic agricultural management at HNEE in the fourth semester.

The "Olga" drink, which contains vitamin B12 of natural origin due to the chlorella algae, is to be presented for the first time on April 25, 2018 as part of a kick-off event.

You can cover your daily needs with just one bottle

“The revolutionary thing is that you can cover your daily vitamin B12 needs with just one bottle of juice,” reports the HNEE student, who was involved in product development for the first time.

"Vitamin B12 has a strong influence on physical and mental well-being, since it is required for central, vital functions in the body," the statement said.

"Among other things, the vitamin is involved in blood formation, the protection of the central nervous system and detoxification in the body."

Not just for vegetarians and vegans

As part of his studies, the student already dealt with various theories on how to implement new product ideas in companies. Now he used “Olga” to put theory into practice.

"For the first time, I was able to do something tangible with reference to the module for agricultural management," reports Valentin Kunze. The Berliner worked in the Ketzür cider factory for three months and was ultimately employed to complete the product development and market launch.

He was in exchange with various partners who were involved in the implementation of the product idea.

For example, the IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH, which had already gained initial experience with chlorella algae as a vitamin B12 supplier, and the "Hoher Fläming" rehabilitation clinic in Bad Belzig (Brandenburg), which treated patients with symptoms of deficiency from the start was part of the project.

"Especially vegetarians and vegans, but also older and sick people as well as pregnant women or athletes often suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency," says Kunze. (ad)

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