New alternative to sanitary towels & tampons - use menstrual cups

Menstrual cup: a safe alternative to sanitary towels and tampons?

Most girls and women still rely mostly on tampons or sanitary napkins during their menstrual period, but in recent years, reusable silicone cups that collect the period blood have become increasingly popular. There are good reasons to use these menstrual cups.

High health risk

The majority of women and girls use tampons or sanitary towels during the period. It is best to change them every two hours because of proper intimate hygiene. If tampons stay in the vagina for too long, there are sometimes life-threatening dangers such as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). A few years ago, for example, a young girl was reported to die from the serious infection. But apart from the health risks, many girls and women find it uncomfortable to wear tampons or sanitary towels. A well-known YouTuber no longer does this and explains why she no longer has to use it.

YouTuber explains why she doesn't use tampons

Sara Desideria actually posts videos from the areas of beauty and fashion on her YouTube channel.

But in the clip entitled "Why I no longer use sanitary napkins & tampons" she talks about her first menstruation, sanitary napkins and tampons and how uncomfortable she found using them - especially in summer.

“I used to use normal tampons and also used a slip insert so that nothing went wrong. It was not only exhausting but also unnecessary. You have to think about how much garbage it produces, ”says the young woman.

For women who are under stress

When researching other options, she finally came across the menstrual cup.

This could prevent a TSS and, according to the YouTuberin, made the menstrual pain disappear.

According to her, the menstrual cup is particularly suitable for people who are stressed and who forget to change their tampons.

Reusable menstrual cups

A menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina to catch the menstrual secretion, where, depending on the model, it stores up to 48 ml of the liquid.

The cup is then removed, emptied, cleaned and then reinserted. There are both reusable menstrual cups and disposable models.

The advantages are seen, among other things, in the fact that - in contrast to tampons - they usually contain no irritating fibers and chemicals, that they are cheaper, less harmful to the environment and can be worn longer.

Comfort is also highlighted positively.

Sex life of women is stimulated

Another positive effect: menstrual cups can boost the sex life of women. This was shown by a survey by INTIMINA, a large company for feminine health.

According to this, about a quarter of the women surveyed stated that their love life had improved since using a menstrual cup; The reason for this is the reduced drought.

However, some health experts consider the cap so unsanitary that they would not recommend it. (ad)

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