Skin care: express pus pimples or leave them alone?

Skin care: express pus pimples or leave them alone?

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Pus in the body - what do you need it for?

Many people have a strong urge to express pus. Others don't put a finger on the purulent inflammation. Who is doing it right? There are many rumors about what makes sense or not. To get to the bottom of this question, you should know what pus is and what it does in the body.

What is pus?

Pus, medically also called pus, has in most cases a white-yellowish to greenish-blue color and appears both thick and thin. The main components of the pus are proteins and detritus. This is a mass with a pulpy consistency that arises when cells and tissues decay.

How does pus develop?

The white blood cells, also called leukocytes, fight the pathogens in the event of inflammation. This creates dead remains of the leukocytes, tissue residues, bacteria and some blood serum. This mixture is called pus.

When does the body form pus?

Pus often occurs in connection with inflammatory reactions, such as an abscess, hair root infection or otitis media. Most often, however, most people face pus in the form of pimples and acne.

What does pus do?

Pus is a natural defense reaction of the body. In classical medicine, pus was still called "Pus bonum et laudabile", which means "the good commendable pus". This indicates that pus is more likely to have a healing function in the body. The white blood cells play a crucial role in this. They specifically use hydrogen peroxide, which acts like strong acid bombs against bacteria.

Leave small pus spots alone, go to the doctor with large ones

Ute Siemann-Harms, specialist for dermatology at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, provides information on how to deal with pus pimples. In your opinion, pushing around doesn't help. "A functioning immune system can very well cope even with small pus of pus like pimples," the expert told the news agency "dpa". Those who experiment with small areas of inflammation often still fire them.

What should you do about pimples?

The specialist mentions antiseptic drugs such as octenidine or iodine-containing ointments as a better alternative. "Larger wounds that fester must be treated by the doctor," warns Siemann-Harms. In addition to the expert advice, home remedies for pimples have proven their worth in naturopathy. (vb)

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