Pus pimples: express yourself or let stand?

Better not express pus yourself

Pus doesn't look good, especially when he's sitting on a pimple on his face. That is why many try to express the yellowish mass as soon as pus develops. But you should never do that, like the specialist for dermatology at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Dr. med. Ute Siemann-Harms warns.

Some quickly press on the pus, others find the mostly whitish-yellowish mass hideous. Medically, however, the question is: "Does the pus have to go out or should you rather wait?"

Pus is not a good sign today

Pus mainly consists of proteins and detritus, a pulpy mass that arises when cells and tissues decay. If pus emerges from an inflammation or wound, this process is called suppuration or suppuration. Pus often arises as a result of inflammation, such as an abscess, hair root infection or otitis media. Most people, however, know pus in connection with pimples or acne.

In earlier times one spoke of “Pus bonum et laudabile”, ie the good pus. Without this, a wound would not heal. But it's been different since antibiotics. Today, doctors say: "If a wound festering, it is not a good sign!"

Expressing is not an option

The constant pushing around pus pimples should be avoided. "A functioning immune system copes very well with small herds of pus such as pimples," says Siemann-Harms. Because whoever experiments and presses on the focus of inflammation usually worsens the situation. "Antiseptic externals, such as octenidine or iodine-containing ointments, are the better alternative," says the doctor. If the wounds are large, you have to see a doctor, who then decides on further treatment.

The complexion is a sign of the psyche

The psyche plays a role in pimples. "Our skin is our mirror," says Emel Bütün from the Hamburg Vocational School for Cosmetics (HBK). It is noticeable in the complexion how we are doing internally - mentally and organically. Adults usually do more than adolescents when they have pimples and blackheads. Then quickly scratches in the face. And this often makes the skin look worse as the inflammation increases. "The hand and the nails are never clinically clean," said Bütün. (sb)

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