Studies: nail salon treatment can increase cancer risk?

UV light used in manicure can lead to cancer

Many women these days go to nail salons to have their nails cared for. Researchers have now found that lamps used in nail salons, which are used to harden gel nail polishes, emit a light similar to that of carcinogenic UV sunbeds.

In their current investigation, scientists from the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at University Hospital Galway found that lamps used in nail salons could pose a health risk. These lamps emit light similar to UV sunbeds, the radiation of which can lead to cancer. The experts publish the results of their current study in the English-language journal "Australasian Journal of Dermatology".

Protect your hands

If you are one of the people who often visits a nail salon to have their nails treated there, as a precaution, they should apply sunscreen or use fingerless gloves, the doctors advise. Possible damage from the light of the UV lamps, which are used to harden the gel polish, can be limited. The UV nail lamps are often used in salons for acrylic gel manicures and emit similar carcinogenic light as UV sunbeds, the researchers add.

More research is needed

There are so-called case observation reports that link the use of these lamps with the development of skin cancer, explain the surgeons from Ireland. The risk associated with these lamps, however, needs to be examined more closely, the scientists say. Despite a lack of evidence linking cancer to the use of these UV lamps, people should take precautionary measures and use sunscreen before undergoing such a gel manicure, the experts warn.

Use sunscreen or fingerless gloves

The Skin Cancer Foundation in the United States and the American Academy of Dermatology recommend that customers apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on their hands before a gel manicure. However, the evidence on this topic remains variable and often controversial, so that healthcare providers have so far not been able to draw a clear conclusion and further investigations are still required, the researchers say. Until new results are available, people should apply a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to their hands or consider using fingerless gloves about twenty minutes before the manicure, the British newspaper Daily Mail quotes the scientists.

Dermatologists advise the use of sunscreens

Since the American Academy of Dermatology made a recommendation in this regard, Australian dermatologists have also advised that people should apply a sunscreen before doing a manicure. In this way, problems can be avoided which can arise from frequent exposure to the UV radiation of the lamps.

UV damage adds up over time

In general, these nail radiation devices emit little UV radiation and people are only exposed to this radiation for very short periods of time. However, the resulting UV damage accumulates over time, which is why the doctors recommend that those affected should protect their hands before use. (as)

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