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The effect of fentanyl

The active ingredient fentanyl belongs to the synthetic opioids and is used as a strong pain reliever for anesthesia, in emergency medicine and for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. The effect is extremely strong and sets in very quickly. Fentanyl is about a hundred times stronger than morphine. In addition to the strong pain-relieving effect, the active ingredient also has a calming function. In most cases, fentanyl is administered intravenously and works for three to twelve hours. The drug is also available as a patch.

Fentanyl has life-threatening side effects

When taking fentanyl, overdosing or interactions with other substances can lead to severe circulatory and respiratory disorders, which in the worst case can lead to death. Famous stars like Michael Jackson, Prince and Tom Petty have died as a result of Fentanyl. In Germany, the active ingredient falls under the Narcotics Act. In addition to its use in medicine, fentanyl is also used as a drug. (vb)

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