Kerrygold Butter was contaminated - the test is negative

30 types of butter on the test bench

For breakfast, for supper, for cooking and baking - many Germans do not let butter be removed from their bread. Stiftung Warentest tested 30 types of butter in the current issue and came to the following results:

  • Every second butter did well in the test.
  • The test winners are from the "German brand butter" trade class.
  • The branded butter from Kerrygold was the only one to fail in the test with an unsatisfactory grade.
  • According to the Stiftung Warentest, Kerrygold's sweet cream butter is contaminated with germs.

Those who stand in front of the butter shelf while shopping are often spoiled for choice. From German branded butter to Irish butter, from organic to conventional, salted or unsalted to sweet cream or sour cream - the whole thing optionally still in reduced fat. Stiftung Warentest is now trying to use the butter test in its current edition to bring order to “butter chaos”. 30 types of butter were tested, including 15 mildly acidified types of butter, 13 types of sweet cream and two types of sour cream. Well-known brands such as Kerrygold, Landliebe or Weihenstephan were also represented in the test.

Overall a positive result

The test result was positive overall. 15 of the tested butter varieties did well with the grade. Twelve types of butter passed the test satisfactorily. Two varieties still fought their way through with sufficient results. Only a butter was not recommended. The test winners were two mildly acidified butter varieties in the "German brand butter" commercial class.

The black sheep in the herd of cows

The original Irish sweet cream butter from Kerrygold could not convince with the note insufficient. The main reason for this is a very high number of germs that could be detected in the laboratory. According to the Stiftung Warentest, the type of germ indicates a lack of hygiene in production.

Edeka sweet cream butter could not convince either

The testers also found germs from Edeka's sweet cream butter, which indicate poor hygiene. Not to the same extent as Kerrygold butter, but vulnerable people should switch to other products. The Edeka butter got off sufficiently with the grade.

The beautiful cows in the meadow

However, Edeka also showed that it can be done better. Because one of the test winners among the mildly acidified butter varieties is the Edeka "Good and cheap" butter. With less than 1.60 euros per pack, this was also one of the cheapest in the test and thus shares first place with the “Sachsenmilch” butter, which is, however, significantly more expensive. At Rewe too, the cheap "yes" butter was able to prevail over the more expensive competition from "Weihenstephan" or "Berchtesgadener Land".

Butter from happy cows

In the organic sector of sweet cream butter, the Rewe organic butter was a test winner and thus outperformed the products of the companies Denree, Meggle, Real and Aldi Nord. In the sour cream butter category, the experts at Stiftung Warentest recommend the butter variety "Alnatura".

Execution of the test

Contrary to the official butter test, Stiftung Warentest tested the butter types at the end of the best before date. The testers examined sensory properties such as appearance, smell and taste as well as possible pollutants and germs. The spreadability, packaging and declaration also had an impact on the test grade.

Butter is better than its reputation

Butter is very popular. Every German eats around six kilos a year. In the past, butter was considered to be harmful to health due to its high cholesterol content. Although two-thirds of it actually consists of saturated fatty acids, Stiftung Warentest points to long-term studies and recent studies that clear the butter.

According to consumer protection groups, it has been shown that many of the saturated fatty acids in butter do not influence the ratio of "bad" LDL cholesterol to "good" HDL cholesterol in the blood, nor do they increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Butter also contains important minerals and vitamins A and E. (vb)

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