Feelings of weakness after the flu are often warning signs of myocarditis

Feelings of weakness after the flu are often warning signs of myocarditis

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Constant weakness and fatigue after flu can be cardiac muscle inflammation

In addition to fever, muscle, headache and body aches, the typical symptoms of flu also include severe fatigue and fatigue. If, however, you still feel tired and weak after curing an influenza illness, you should listen carefully. Because these can be signs of an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Violent flu wave in Germany

In recent weeks, the many influenza cases in Germany have pushed some medical practices to their limits. Some clinics even had to reject patients. The cardiac emergencies caused by the flu wave have also increased sharply. However, the heart can still be impaired after a surviving viral infection has been cured. One indication of this is constant fatigue.

Prolonged weakness after flu

If you are still weakened after flu, then it can be the usual after-effects of influenza.

However, if affected people do not return to their normal capacity soon after a flu infection, but are constantly weak and tired, this could have serious causes.

This is what the German Heart Foundation points out in a current announcement.

In such cases, an early visit to the doctor is recommended, according to the experts. This is especially true for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Risk of inflammation of the heart muscle

"If you have had a severe flu infection two weeks ago and you have to take breaks when going for walks or doing housework, which was unusual until now, you should listen carefully and go to the doctor so as not to overlook heart involvement," says the heart foundation. Expert and cardiologist Dr. med. Vincent von Kageneck.

"Otherwise there is a risk of an inflammation of the heart muscle, which will result in heart failure."

The doctor can then examine whether there is an inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), which may be responsible for the weakness.

Protect until you feel completely healthy again

Other signs of an inflammation of the myocardium include new water in the legs (edema), a feeling of pressure in the chest or an irregular pulse.

In addition, according to the Heart Foundation, you should know that the risk of myocarditis is particularly high if you don't take care of a virus infection, be it a flu or an intestinal infection, until you feel completely healthy again.

"For this reason, you should generally wait for flu and other viral or bacterial infections with sports and other physical exertion until fever and other symptoms such as cough, fatigue and body aches have subsided and you feel well again," emphasized Dr. by Kageneck.

The risk of myocarditis also applies to infections with little or no fever. Affected people should therefore take care during the acute illness. (ad)

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