Natural thyme honey works when the mouth is dry

Thyme honey helps with dry mouth through cancer therapy
In a recent study, thyme honey proved to be an effective and safe means of relieving dry mouth caused by radiation therapy and thus improving the quality of life of those affected.

Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of radiation or chemotherapy for head and neck tumors. Saliva production can be reduced by up to 80%. Eating and drinking are difficult, with serious consequences for the nutritional status of the patient. A dry oral cavity is also prone to infection and inflammation.

In a randomized clinical trial, a team of researchers from Cyprus investigated the extent to which treatment with a thyme honey mouthwash can alleviate the dry mouth caused by cancer therapy. To this end, the scientists divided the test subjects, all patients with different head / neck tumors after chemotherapy treatment, into two groups.

One group mouthwashed with 20 ml of thyme honey in 100 ml of water. The control group used saline for the rinses. The rinsing started in the fourth week of the seven-week radiation therapy treatment, immediately before and after the radiation and six hours afterwards.

The patient should move the respective mouthwash solution in the mouth so that the oral cavity and throat are well wetted and then spit out the liquid. After completing the radiation therapy, the patients rinsed the mouth with the respective solution at home three times a day for a further four weeks.

The severity of dry mouth, the associated pain, taste and swallowing disorders improved significantly with the treatment with thyme honey compared to the initial situation and the control group.

The participants in the verum group rated their quality of life significantly higher. The scientists were unable to observe any undesirable side effects. Source: Carstens Foundation.

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