Critics are calling for the abolition of the additional term homeopathy

Additional designation homeopathy should be abolished

While some people idolize homeopathy, critics call the treatment method charlatanism or "esoteric salvation". Experts are now calling for the abolition of the additional term "homeopathy".

Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy - cure or humbug? This question has divided supporters and critics of the healing process founded by Samuel Hahnemann for years. Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the small white spheres can hardly be found. Although some doctors point out that studies have shown that homeopathy is effective for pain, for example, but an Australian team of researchers found that such preparations did not work better than placebos. German critics are now working to ensure that doctors will no longer be able to advertise with the additional term "homeopathy".

Followers versus critics

The topic of homeopathy divides minds.

Supporters of the teaching of salvation founded over 200 years ago by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) are firmly convinced of the therapeutic success of the extremely diluted active ingredients that are administered via globules, pills or solutions.

You speak of a holistic method without side effects, which often helps even when conventional medicine no longer has a solution.

They also point out that studies have proven the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Among other things, this has to do with the so-called placebo effect - the belief in the effect alone works. In addition, homeopaths usually deal intensively with their patients.

People want to believe in miracles

However, critics speak of a lack of scientific evidence on the effects of homeopathy. However, users often don't care: Experience is more important to them than studies.

"People want to believe in miracles," says Dr. Natalie Grams. The doctor, who had run a homeopathic practice and wrote a critical book on homeopathy ("Homeopathy Rethought - What Really Helps Patients"), said in a critical discussion with "Heilpraxisnet":

“People don't necessarily tend to be rational. We like to believe in miracles, we find great promises more appealing than critical thinking and consistent questioning - we all. "

Additional designation "homeopathy" should be abolished

The controversy over the application and efficacy of homeopathy, which has been going on for years, has now received new explosives.

Because critics want to ensure that doctors are no longer allowed to use the additional term "homeopathy" on the practice label.

According to the Münster Circle, homeopathy is an “esoteric salvation teaching” that undermines patient trust. The additional designation gives the teaching a coat of scientific seriousness.

According to the Münsteraner Kreis, it is "an informal association of experts who critically examine complementary and alternative medicine (KAM)."

Effect cannot be attributed to pharmacological mechanisms

The Münster Circle is calling on the delegates of the 121st German Medical Day, which will take place in Erfurt from May 8 to 11, to abolish the additional title of homeopathy, according to a statement by the critics.

To justify their claim, they wrote a memorandum in which they write that homeopathy does not attribute the effects of its "medicines" to pharmacological mechanisms, "but rather to the healing influence of immaterial, spiritual powers."

"If the model further training regulations for the award of the additional title" homeopathy "require the acquisition of a" professional competence in homeopathy ", then it demands nothing more than a" competence "in dealing with spiritual forces," criticizes the circle.

And: "From a scientific point of view, it would also be justified to give an additional designation" healthy prayers "for" competence ", which prayers for which saints should be used for which diseases."

Additional designation has proven itself for decades

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) rejected the request of the Münster circle.

“The additional designation homeopathy given by the medical associations has proven itself in the German medical profession for decades. More and more doctors are leading them, currently there are around 7000 doctors in various fields, in basic and regular care, ”said Cornelia Bajic, 1st chairwoman of the DZVhÄ.

According to the expert, the demand for medical homeopathy has increased enormously in the past 20 years.

"With a view to quality assurance and patient safety, the additional term homeopathy is a guarantee of good and safe care for patients," says Bajic.

"In addition, homeopathy is legally anchored in the Fifth Social Code (SGB V). The teaching content, which is closely coordinated with the German Medical Association, guarantees competent patient treatment. "

Homeopathic doctors are committed to science

The chairperson of the DZVhÄ also points out that homeopathic physicians are committed to scientific research and that a summary of clinical research data provides sufficient evidence of the therapeutic benefits of homeopathic treatment.

“Medical homeopathy is effective and evidence-based. This has been proven by numerous studies, ”said Bajic.

"In medical hands, it is an important part of integrative medicine that combines the best of conventional medicine and medical homeopathy for the benefit of the patient." (Ad)

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