Laughter incontinence: When our laughter goes bad

Pissing with laughter? What helps against laughing incontinence
"I'm going to piss myself with laughter!" Actually describes an exuberant state. But when the saying literally goes wrong, the laugh goes away pretty quickly. However, experts do not understand laughing continence as a drop or two that cannot be held with laughter, but rather the complete emptying of the bladder. Girls are often affected before puberty, but adults also suffer from so-called giggle incontinence.

Laughter incontinence is a special form of the overactive bladder. "The control mechanisms of bladder control in sick children are not yet fully developed," explains Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of the Uro-GmbH North Rhine medical network. "The bladder is therefore still as uncontrollable as in young children."

So far, experts have not been able to clarify how this laugh incontinence occurs. There are studies that show that multiple cases often accumulate within a family, so genetic causes are obvious. The disease usually occurs in girls between eight and twelve years of age and disappears after puberty, but sometimes it remains an unpleasant companion.

Going to a urologist is essential for both children and adults. Because the consequences for mental health are serious: In addition to feelings of shame associated with low self-esteem, children of their peers often exacerbate suffering through massive teasing. A therapy option offers targeted training, for example, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Dr. Schaefer clarifies: "This is the first time that girls of this age develop awareness of their pelvic floor muscles and learn to tense them in a targeted manner." If this measure does not sufficiently alleviate symptoms, medication also helps. In some, though rare, cases, the disease persists through puberty. Urodynamic measurements then use pressure probes and electrodes to provide information about how the bladder works to rule out other organic causes. “Treatments are individual - due to the insufficient scientific data. In some cases, urologists have had very good results with a botox injection into the bladder muscle, ”concludes Dr. Shepherd. (sb, pm)

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