It doesn't always have to be antibiotics: what helps with cystitis

It doesn't always have to be antibiotics: what helps with cystitis

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Not always antibiotics: natural remedies that help with cystitis

Although men also develop cystitis, women are usually affected by the painful disease. In the past, patients were mostly treated with antibiotics. But today we know that certain pain relievers and simple natural remedies can alleviate the symptoms.

Women affected more often than men

Especially now in the cold season, many people suffer from cystitis. Most often, girls and women are affected by inflammation of the urinary tract, which is often accompanied by urinary problems and fever. But men can also get it and then feel a constant urge to urinate as well as pressure problems in the bladder area. In the past, the disease was almost always treated with antibiotics. Nowadays, doctors often advise trying certain pain relievers first. But there is more that can help with cystitis.

Triggered by bacteria

Inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) is triggered in most cases by Escherichia coli bacteria (E. coli bacteria), which bite into the urethra and migrate up to the bladder.

The fact that women are more likely to develop cystitis than men is due to an anatomical difference:

The urethra of women is shorter and therefore more suitable for allowing invading bacteria to find their way up into the bladder.

Prevention of bladder infections

To protect yourself from urinary tract infections, it is important to know how it can happen. Already in grandmother's day, people were warned not to sit on cold floors because they can catch cold on the bladder.

And that is also the case, because cold increases the risk of infection in the pelvic area. This is also a reason why wet bathing suits and swimming trunks should be changed immediately after swimming.

In addition, painful cystitis caused by sex is not uncommon. According to health experts, frequent sexual intercourse increases the risk of inflammation because it irritates the mucous membranes and makes them more susceptible to infection ("honeymoon cystitis" or "honeymoon bladder infection").

That is why it is advised to go to the toilet "afterwards" in order to naturally flush out the pathogens. Sensible intimate hygiene is also important.

In addition, to prevent bladder infections, it is generally advised to drink a lot in order to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract.

Synthetic fiber underwear and panty liners promote the multiplication of germs as well as mucous membrane irritating soaps and intimate sprays. Avoid “wiping” after the bowel movement towards the vagina and suppressing the urge to urinate.

Every visit to the toilet becomes torture

Unfortunately, sometimes the best protective measures do not help.

Symptoms that indicate a disease include pain in the lower abdomen, burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination or malodorous urine. Every toilet visit is a pain.

Some women also have a fever or blood in their urine. According to health experts, this is not a bad thing at first if it stops as part of the healing process.

Illness often heals without medication

According to medical experts, a large part of all bladder infections heal without medication. Basically, a lot should be drunk to flush the bacteria out of the bladder.

It can be two to two and a half liters a day. You can also alleviate the symptoms with a hot water bottle on your stomach.

In the case of extremely severe pain, flank pain or persistent blood in the urine, a doctor should definitely decide whether drug treatment is useful.

But even if drugs are used, they don't always have to be antibiotics. The latter effectively destroy bacteria in urine, but there are more and more strains of bacteria that are resistant to it.

According to health experts, it can make sense to treat cystitis with the active ingredient ibuprofen. Such drugs have been shown to be as effective as antibiotics in one study.

Natural home remedies

With a mild course of the disease, there are also numerous home remedies for cystitis with which you can treat yourself.

For example, nettle tea, bearberry leaves or juniper can have a healing effect. According to experts, cranberries also play a special role in natural remedies.

Because both preventive and acute after the onset of cystitis, tablets or capsules with the extract of these North American relatives of our cranberry would help those affected.

The preparations, which also contain pumpkin seed extract and vitamin C, are best suited because they enhance the effect of the cranberry and its active ingredients coat the bacteria like a coat, so that they cannot get stuck in the mucous membrane of the bladder and kidney be flushed out with the urine. (ad)

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