Terrifying: city air is often too dirty for jogging

Study: Better not jogging in the city
Those who regularly go for a walk, jog or ride a bike to keep fit should avoid busy roads on the training route. A London research team found that low levels of physical activity near busy streets nullified the positive effects of exercise on the airways and symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

This is especially true for people who have already had heart or lung disease.

As part of the study, 120 men and women took two two-hour walks three to eight weeks apart. One led you along busy Oxford Street, the other through Hyde Park.

Subjects included healthy volunteers as well as patients with chronic heart and lung diseases. Before and after the walks, the study authors examined the heart and lungs of the participants. All subjects improved their lung function after walking in Hyde Park. Symptoms such as coughing, expectoration and shortness of breath increased as the participants walked along the poorly aired Oxford Street.

During physical activity, more and more deeply inhaled, so that more unfiltered pollutants are absorbed. This pollution can negate the positive effects of physical activity. You can find the study here. (sb / pm)

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