Suppressing menstruation: how harmful is it to delay the period?

Sometimes inappropriate: Menstruation can also be postponed

It is never nice for women to have their periods. But at some times the rule comes out really inappropriate. But what do you do if you have an important exam, a departure for vacation or a significant family celebration? Menstruation can be postponed, but is it also healthy?

Recurring complaints

Menstruation is really not a good time for most women: Periodic bleeding from the uterus is often accompanied by symptoms such as back pain, abdominal pain and mood changes during the period. In addition, tense breasts, dizziness and headaches and even a migraine attack can make life difficult for women. The complaints never occur, but sometimes they are particularly unsuitable. However, women sometimes have the option of postponing their periods.

Menstruation is almost always inconvenient

Be it the upcoming vacation trip or a date with the new love: The period often does not fit women in the stuff. However, there are ways to plan your menstrual period a little better.

Women who take the contraceptive pill can often control the onset of menstruation well. Here, however, it should be noted that the pill should always be discussed with the gynecologist.

According to gynecologists, for health reasons there is usually no reason not to take a break with the birth control pill for appropriate occasions.

However, it is not advised to start taking the pill with the ulterior motive of postponing the period.

Because starting and stopping is very stressful for the body and has side effects. For women who take the pill anyway, postponing is not a problem.

Monthly cycle can be influenced by female herbs

The period can also be naturally postponed by a few days. So the monthly cycle can be influenced by well-tried women's herbs such as chaste tree or yarrow.

According to health experts, these herbs, if taken regularly as tea or supplements, can extend the cycle by a few days, allowing the period to start later.

However, it is recommended not to overdo it by interfering with the natural rhythm. The method should not be used permanently.

The best thing for the body is to let it have its natural cycle. Here, too, women should contact their gynecologist if in doubt.

Relieve menstrual cramps naturally

Postponing the period only means that the pain mentioned at the beginning will appear later. However, there are several ways that help relieve menstrual cramps.

So women can fight abdominal pain by moving a lot. But even if sport helps against menstrual cramps, experts warn against exercising intensely, as this can lead to an irregular period or even a failure to do so.

Women should only do sports if they feel able to do so. Those who suffer too much from menstrual cramps do not have to force themselves to move.

Those who rely on naturopathy for menstrual pain can, for example, provide soothing warmth “from the inside” with a healing tea for which mugwort leaves, lady's mantle, yarrow or chamomile are used. (ad)

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