136 deaths from influenza already - current flu wave particularly difficult

136 deaths from influenza already - current flu wave particularly difficult

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The influenza season is high

Influenza activity rose again significantly in the seventh calendar week of 2018 compared to the previous week. This emerges from the current weekly report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on influenza activity in Germany. A total of 23,379 new laboratory-confirmed influenza cases were reported during the week. This means that 82,038 cases have been confirmed since the flu began. So far, 136 people have succumbed to the consequences of influenza this flu season. 86 percent of those affected were 60 years old or older.

With a share of 75 percent, the influenza B viruses are also the most frequently identified influenza viruses this season. Influenza A viruses of type H1N1 account for 21 percent and influenza A viruses of type H3N2 four percent. The focus is currently in the east and south of Germany. The more than 82,000 cases are confirmed by laboratory diagnostics. However, since pathogen samples are not examined by every patient, a significantly higher number of unreported cases is likely. The number of fatalities could also be higher because bacterial pneumonia as a cause of death can often no longer be proven to be a possible causative agent of the flu.

What to do if you get caught?

First of all, you should of course go to the doctor and follow the medical advice. There are a number of home remedies for flu that can help with a flu infection and colds. The strengthening of the immune system plays an important role. So:

  • Sleep a lot
  • Much rest
  • A lot of warmth
  • A lot of vitamin C.
  • Little stress
  • No cigarettes
  • Little talk
  • Alleviate symptoms

    Hot teas and warm chicken soup have proven themselves many times to relieve the symptoms. Cold calf wraps can help with a fever above 39 degrees Celsius. However, these should not be used in people who have chills, are already freezing, have cold hands and feet despite a fever, or have arterial diseases. In addition, any physical activity such as sports should be avoided. Even if heat is generally good, activities such as saunas, where you sweat a lot and then cool down quickly, should be avoided entirely.

    More tips

    Herbal teas, water mixed with iodine tincture and steam inhalations with thyme or sage can help as a home remedy for colds. Natural home remedies for cough are warm potato wrap on the chest and inhalations with chamomile flowers and thyme for persistent irritable cough. Teas made from fennel, plantain or cowslip have also proven their worth. In addition, care should be taken not to sleep too cold in case of flu. The temperature in the bedroom should not drop below 18 degrees Celsius. (vb)

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