Doctors successfully removed a massive 1.87 kg brain tumor

Doctors successfully removed a massive 1.87 kg brain tumor

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Like a head on another head

Several Indian media are currently reporting an incredible success story. Apparently an Indian medical team led by Dr. Trimurti Nadkarni to remove a giant brain tumor from a patient who, according to Indian media, had a size of 30 x 30 x 20 cm and was therefore larger than a soccer ball. According to research by the doctors, this is the largest brain tumor ever removed. The 31-year-old patient Santal Pal underwent surgery on February 14 at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital in Mumbai.

The worker, who comes from Allahabad, discovered a bump on the back of his head nine months ago that was growing at a rapid pace. He had undergone surgery recently to remove a benign tumor in the left leg. "In one month, the bump grew by more than an inch," Akhilesh Pal's brother told The Indian Express newspaper. Until he finally "sat like a head on top of another tumor", adds Dr. Nadkarni, head of the neurosurgical department at Nair Hospital.

The sheer size of the tumor was a challenge

According to media reports, the operation took six hours to finally remove the 1.87 kilogram tumor. In such operations, there is basically a risk of massive blood loss for the patient. The patient needed 11 blood to survive the operation. "We had to cut through the bone. The sheer size of the tumor was a challenge and we had to make sure that the blood pressure was maintained during the operation, ”summarizes Dr. Nadkarni.

The largest distant brain tumor in the world?

According to some doctors at Nair Hospital, the tumor could be the largest removed from a brain worldwide. Such a case has never been cited in any medical journal. According to medical research, the largest brain tumor to date was removed in 2002 at the King Edwards Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, which weighed 1.4 kilograms.

An exhausting odyssey for the patient

After the patient was rejected by several hospitals or put on long waiting lists, Nair Hospital took care of the case. After some examinations such as CT angiography, CT scan and MRI, it was shown that the blood vessels in Pal's brain had grown into the tumor, which provided the tumor cells with fresh blood. The tumor had also reached part of its brain and was beginning to grow outside the skull, Indian media report.

Many patients are late

“We get about 500 cases of brain tumors every year. At least 50 percent of these patients are at an advanced stage, ”explains Dr. Srikant Balasubramaniam, who works for the neurosurgical department at Nair Hospital. The financial situation of many Indians certainly plays a role here. “He only earns 9,000 rupees (just under 113 euros) a month. We couldn't spend much, ”said Manju, the patient's wife.

German doctor doubts the information

The German neuro-oncologist Marion Rapp from the University Clinic in Düsseldorf doubts that it is a brain tumor. "Then the tumor would have to consist of nerve cells and they do not grow so massively," the doctor told the press agency dpa. Based on the available information, the doctor suspects that the tissue outside the skull started to grow and then spread into the interior. The Indian doctors are currently having the extracted tumor tested in the laboratory. (vb)

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