New cow's milk alternative from buckwheat, oats and amaranth

Researchers present an alternative to cow's milk

Many people would like to avoid eating cow's milk. A possible milk alternative could be a herbal product made from buckwheat, oats and amaranth, which was developed by two young students from the Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development (HNEE).

Together with the geoscientist Swenja Rosenwinkel, Paavo Günther developed the idea of ​​the milk alternative. Your milk, known as the Havelmi ***, is primarily intended to meet the requirements of sustainability, but could also offer health benefits - especially for people who do not tolerate cow's milk well. The business plan is already in place and by the end of the year there will be a regionally produced milk alternative for the Brandenburg and Berlin markets, according to the HNEE.

Vegan milk alternative with organic quality in demand

According to Paavo Günther, the idea for developing the milk alternative when looking at a coffee place setting at a conference for sustainability came up - the coffee cup on the left, the milk on the right. He asked himself "why, in times when there is always discussion about one's own ecological footprint, nobody in a country like Brandenburg has actually produced a vegan milk alternative that also has organic quality", the company founder continued.

The idea came up two years ago

The high costs of imported soy milk also caused the researcher to think, and so the idea for Havelmi *** came about two years ago, as a vegetable milk product that is to be produced and sold regionally. A lot has happened since then. Günther has contacted grain producers and traders and held discussions with consumers. Paavo Günther reports that he has been in close contact with a cider shop in Ketzür (Potsdam-Mittelmark district) since then, and that is where production should begin at the beginning.

First taste at the end of the year?

The aim is to enable a first taste by the end of this year and when the time comes, customers can try out the recipes that are still being worked on, Günther explains. With the help of a QR code on the reusable bottles, all important information should also be readable and information about the Havelmi *** development process will be given. According to Paavo Günther, it is particularly important for the founders to be transparent and at the same time to make a contribution to solidarity agriculture. ”But this also means that the milk alternative will not be found in the supermarket. Rather, he sees his product in direct sales, in so-called FoodCoops (purchasing groups for mostly regional products) and selected cafés.

"It was a logical consequence for me to start studying at HNEE at the same time," emphasizes Paavo Günther, who is studying "Sustainable Management" at HNEE. Here he not only gets to know facts about sustainable management and environmental management in companies, but can also bring his own company idea into practice as a practical example. He is also in contact with organic farmers who are studying at other departments of HNEE and may find other partners to expand the Havelmi *** team. (fp)

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