Nationwide recall campaign: metal fragments in ready-made puff pastry

Nationwide recall campaign: metal fragments in ready-made puff pastry

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Recall: This puff pastry could become uncomfortable

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety warns on its internet portal about the article "Cuisinette fresh dough, variety: puff pastry", which was sold in various ALDI stores of the ALDI Nord branches. The supplier "WEWALKA GMBH NFG.KG" considers it possible that metal fragments have got into the product during production. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

The articles affected are "Cuisinette fresh dough, variety: puff pastry" with a best-before date of March 9, 2018. This product was manufactured by ALDI companies in Bad Laasphe, Bargteheide, Beucha, Datteln, Greiz (Langenwetzendorf), Greven, Hann. Münden, Lingen, Salzgitter, Scharbeutz, Schloß-Holte, Werl and Weyhe traded. Anyone who has bought the product can bring it back to an ALDI store and the purchase price will be refunded. The items remaining in the market have been taken out of sale. According to the manufacturer, other articles of this type with other best-before dates and other types of the article are not affected.

Foreign bodies in the food

Metallic foreign bodies, broken glass or glass splinters, wood and plastic splinters can cause serious injuries to the mouth as well as cuts and punctures in the hands and when chewing. If swallowed, foreign bodies in food can cause shortness of breath and injuries in the throat. Depending on the size and nature of the foreign bodies, there is also a risk of suffocation. Internal injury and bleeding may also occur while the foreign body is digesting. (vb)

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