Wholemeal spelled bread was recognized as Bread of the Year 2018

Wholemeal spelled bread was recognized as Bread of the Year 2018

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Bread of the year 2018: wholemeal spelled bread - slightly nutty in taste
Germany is the country with the largest bread variety in the world. The German Bread Institute reports over 3,000 different specialties. The wholemeal spelled bread has been crowned bread of the year 2018. Because the bread is particularly tasty, easily digestible and valuable in terms of health. At the same time, it combines tradition with modern nutrition.

More and more consumers are interested in old types and types of grain. Spelled, like bread wheat, emmer and einkorn, belongs to the genus Triticum and dates back to the 6th century BC. BC known. The individual grains are "sparred". This means that the hard shells must be removed in special peeling mills. In the 20th century, cultivation declined due to the low yield. For some years now, the benefits of the ancient grain have been appreciated again and it is experiencing a renaissance.

Wholemeal spelled bread is fine-pored to pithy. One advantage is that the bread stays fresh for a long time. Since spelled tends to bake dry, a swelling piece is often used first. To do this, part of the ground spelled is scalded with hot water. Doughs are also used. According to the German Food Book, at least 90 percent of the cereal flour products must come from the full spelled grain, which contains husk components and the seedling. Other ingredients are water, salt and yeast, but also oil seeds such as sunflower seeds or linseed. This underlines the nutty character of the spelled bread. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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