Kristin Peters: Naturopathic death care

Kristin Peters: Naturopathic death care

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The trained death and mourning companion Dr. In this guide, Kristin Peters gives relatives and medical staff an insight into the needs of terminally ill people. The book contains aids from naturopathy that can assist in accompanying a dying person.

People who turn to the sick and dying are working against fear and being alone. They can use tools to support and strengthen themselves. Dr. Kristin Peters is a specialist in herbal medicine and a companion for death and mourning. In the naturopathic end-of-life counselor, she reports on her experience and puts together applications for frequently occurring challenges in nursing and support.

The topics covered are divided into four major areas. Personal care is one of them. It's about relieving symptoms that trigger illness, medication, or dying itself. This is followed by the important area of ​​mental and spiritual care. How do you manage to talk to each other about the situation, to give space to the feelings? What role does sleep play and how can dreaming be understood as a cleaning process? What measures help to relieve anxiety and restlessness?

The author also addresses contact and communication options when language is no longer an option. The importance of distance and touch are explained here as well as the touch of the senses through scents, music or images.

In addition, Peters shows possibilities of support for the accompanying relatives. These include information on organization and bureaucratic necessities, but also instructions on meditation, for example, to help you say goodbye and mourn.

Kristin Peters: Naturopathic death care
Applications for common care and support challenges for relatives and medical staff
Essen: KVC Verlag 2018, ISBN 978-3-945150-87-0, 163 pages,

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