Future-oriented naturopathy symposium in Leipzig

In the spotlight: modern therapeutic and therapeutic applications and current legislation
The naturopathic symposium will take place in Leipzig on Saturday, March 10, 2018. This specialist event of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners e. V. is officially opened at 9:00 a.m. by VDH President Heinz Kropmanns in the H4 Hotel, Schongauerstrasse 39, 04329 Leipzig and ends at 6:00 p.m. Admission for the entire lecture program, the visit to the accompanying industrial exhibition including a lunch snack is € 5.00 per participant or visitor. All naturopaths, therapists working in the natural sciences as well as trainees are addressed.

The naturopathic symposium is a future-oriented and practical event with information on professional policy news, highly qualified speakers and lecture topics as well as practical workshops, an interesting industrial exhibition, valuable, job-oriented prizes for the final raffle raffle and a relaxed lunch snack (also vegetarian). Every practicing naturopath or naturopathic therapist knows what regular training means for everyday practice; nobody can and does not want to treat their patients according to outdated knowledge. The naturopathic symposium also offers a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in order to expand and deepen existing knowledge, intensify practical treatment methods and also establish or refresh colleagues' contacts.

The Syposium program offers 21 specialist lectures throughout the day - from autoimmune diseases or adjuvant tumor treatment, obesity or metabolic syndrome, from allergy and positive effects of pollen to the use of acupuncture or protein nutrition. In addition to the further development of alternative medical treatments and therapeutic procedures, current legislation and the public perception of the independent profession of the alternative practitioner are also on the agenda. Various new products, services and technology from the 50 exhibiting companies round off the naturopathic symposium in Leipzig.

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