Oral flora: How to maintain the balance in the mouth

Fascination mouth: Maintain balance between tasks and dangers
Kissing, laughing, chewing meals with pleasure - without our mouths, the most beautiful things in life would not be possible. To ensure that these delights last for a long time, special attention is paid to oral hygiene. Because unpleasant smells, missing teeth or painful inflammation have a massive impact on the quality of life. Dr. knows exactly what the mouth does every day and what dangers threaten it. Christoph Sliwowski, Head of the Dental Implant Clinic Düsseldorf at St. Vinzenz Hospital.

Comprehensive duties
The mouth is primarily used for food intake. As the teeth grind the food, certain enzymes in the saliva split complex carbohydrates from the food for the body. In addition, the special secretion protects the entire interior, as it dilutes and breaks down attacking acids, for example from fruit juices.

Minerals and trace elements contained in the saliva harden the enamel and thus increase its resistance. Speaking is another important task. This is only possible because the tongue and lips can deform strongly and the teeth contribute significantly to the formation of sounds. If they are missing, speech disorders occur. Because some letters like D, N and T can only be optimally formed with complete rows of teeth.

“Gaps not only affect aesthetics, they also influence important functions such as speaking and chewing,” explains Dr. Sliwowski.

Threatening adversaries
The greatest oral dangers include tooth decay, gum and root canal infections caused by the spread of harmful bacteria. If hygiene is inadequate, these small microorganisms settle in the inaccessible spaces, destroy the protective layer of the tooth and trigger unpleasant diseases. Dry mouth also favors spreading. Older people in particular are familiar with this unpleasant problem, as saliva production naturally declines in old age and thirst is often absent. As a result, harmful bacteria multiply, which trigger bad breath or periodontitis, i.e. inflammation of the tooth bed.

However, if you eat a healthy diet, often take a glass of water and take day-to-day hygiene with a toothbrush, interstice brushes and mouthwash seriously, you create the best conditions for an intact mouth. “In combination with professional dental cleaning every six months, disease-causing bacterial accumulations, so-called plaques, can be combated quickly and effectively. In this way, patients benefit from their healthy teeth even in old age, ”says Dr. Sliwowski clear. sb, pm)

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