Influenza infections continue to spread: child died of influenza

Influenza infections continue to spread: child died of influenza

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The number of flu cases increased significantly nationwide

A few weeks ago, health experts pointed out that a severe flu wave had arrived in Germany. The influenza virus is currently spreading nationwide. In Saarland, a little girl has now died of a severe flu.

Four-year-old died of severe flu

A four-year-old girl died in Saarbrücken after an unusually severe flu (influenza) with subsequent organ and circulatory failure. "The pathogen Influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 could be detected by laboratory diagnostics," reports the health office in a message. "This pathogen was first described in the 2009 flu season and has since been proven many times in every flu season," it continues.

Serious illnesses also in younger people

According to the health department, a similar case had already occurred in December. However, there is no discernible connection between the two cases.

The Influenza Working Group (AGI) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) explains how dangerous this virus is. In their current "Influenza Weekly Report" it says:

"In the case of flu waves in which influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 viruses dominated, it has so far been observed that very serious illnesses and deaths have also occurred in younger adults and children, particularly in the presence of underlying diseases."

Life-threatening complications

In recent years, too, there have been serious illnesses that have resulted in numerous deaths.

The Bavarian State Office for Health (LGL) said last year: "For people with underlying illnesses, flu can be a life-threatening complication."

At that time, several clinics in some regions of Germany had to close the emergency rooms because of overwork, as there were too many patients due to the severe flu epidemic.

The number of flu cases has recently increased nationwide

This season also seems to be more violent again. According to the "Influenza weekly report", the number of flu diseases has recently increased significantly nationwide.

According to this, the RKI was informed of almost 9,000 influenza cases confirmed by laboratory diagnostics in the fourth calendar week.

This means that over 20,600 cases have been reported so far this flu season.

Protect against infection

"Influenza vaccination is the best protection against influenza," writes the AGI.

"However, the vaccination does not work equally well for all vaccinated people, which is why influenza can also occur after a flu vaccination," said the experts.

The permanent vaccination committee (STIKO) recommends the protection of certain risk groups.

These include older people from the age of 60, people at increased health risk from an existing illness, for example chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, metabolic diseases, liver or kidney diseases or heart or circulatory diseases.

Pregnant women, patients with an immune deficiency, HIV infection and people who are at increased risk of infection through contact with many people should also consider vaccination.

Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether a flu vaccination makes sense.

There are even more ways to protect yourself from infection.

Basically, it makes sense to strengthen the immune system, to keep away from sick people and to wash your hands regularly. (ad)

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