The chilli - origin and properties

The chilli is a special kind of paprika plant, botanically called Capsicum, which belongs to the nightshade family. It originally comes from Central and South America, probably also from Asia. The chilli varies in size, color and taste. The hot ingredient capsaicin in particular has made chilli famous. This can be present in different amounts in the different varieties and make the chilli mild to incredibly hot. Depending on the variety or region, the chilli is known by various names such as Spanish pepper, chilli, chilli peppers or chilli peppers. The common spice cayenne pepper also consists of chili powder.

Is Chili Eating Healthy?

Chilli is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany, although it is hardly used in classic German cuisine. Many people are more familiar with chilies from South American or Asian cuisine, where their use is standard. You have to approach the fiery taste, which can sometimes be painful, but once you have the chili in your heart, it will be sorely missed when you are away. In addition, researchers have studied the effects of chilli on health in numerous studies and found many positive effects. Regular chili consumption is said to be both good for low blood pressure and high blood pressure, help with weight loss and even have a life-prolonging effect. (vb)

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