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Botox is the name for a medical ingredient based on so-called botulinum toxins. These special neurotoxins are naturally produced by some strains of bacteria, but they can also be produced synthetically and are used in medicine for various purposes. For example, botox is used against some forms of movement disorders, against gnashing of teeth, against migraines and tension headaches, but also against special clinical pictures such as Frey syndrome. Most people are more familiar with the active ingredient from cosmetic surgery. Here, the injection of botox can make the skin look smoother and reduce wrinkles.

Impending side effects

From a medical point of view, however, the use of botox for wrinkles is to be assessed extremely critically, since there are various side effects that range from local pain, a sagging eyelid and swallowing disorders to sarcoidosis that occurs rarely. In addition, the effect lasts only to a limited extent (maximum six months). While botox as an active ingredient in medicine offers very useful applications, the injection for purely cosmetic purposes should therefore be rejected. (fp)

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