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A diet describes compliance with certain nutritional requirements, which can basically serve different purposes. For example, diabetics can regulate their blood sugar by adhering to a special diet, or top athletes can follow a particularly nutritious diet in order to achieve their best. Most often, however, the term "diet" is used to refer to methods of shedding excess body weight. These weight loss methods, which are correctly referred to as reduction diets, can be structured very differently, with new trends regularly taking hold here - from low carb, low fat and TLC diets to extremely questionable methods such as the baby food diet.

Basically, it should be noted that weight loss diets are aimed more at short-term weight loss, but that weight loss threatens once the diet is completed (yo-yo effect). Without a long-term change in diet, the weight loss success usually cannot be maintained. (fp)

Lightning diets remain without lasting success As soon as summer has arrived, we also show more skin. For overweight people that also means fat pads of their own ...

A lot of sugar in diet products leads to health problems. Today, most people pay attention to a healthy body weight. For this reason ...

Study Examines Effects of Diet Beverage ConsumptionMany people want to lose weight or just generally eat healthier. Affected try ...

Study: DASH diet reduces the risk of developing gallbladder cancer

The Landesuntersuchungsamt (LUA) Rheinland-Pflaz warns of the slimming product "Slimix - Green coffee bean extract", which is offered on the Internet. The capes ...

Long, low-intensity exercise promotes fat burning, how much time should we at least invest to be fit and burn fat? D ...

Study discovers changes in gut bacteria in obese people Many people have problems with their weight. For this reason, sufferers try with all ...

In addition to summer, the turn of the year is the best time for the weight loss industry to sell their products. Because many use the beginning of the year to start a diet ...

Examination at Harvard University: which diet is better Low carb, low fat, raw food or paelo diet: People who feel too fat try it ...

New study: low-fat weight loss programs worse than low-carb diets Losing excess pounds is very difficult for many people. Sport is important to ...

Instead of ideal weight: How do you get a good figure? Especially now in summer, many people are not satisfied with their figure. On the beach or in the outdoor pool ...

Together with experts, journalists have carried out a study on the weight-reducing effects of a chocolate diet and published it in a high-ranking manner. The press ...

Most absurd diet in the world: Losing weight with fast food Overweight is unhealthy: numerous studies have already shown this. So it's worth losing excess pounds ...

Low-carp diets are much more suitable for losing weight than carbohydrate-rich diets. 09/08/2014 Which diet can best help ...

Diets: Low Carb is more effective than Low Fat02.09.2014Diets are trendy, but about how extra pounds are lost ...

Anti-Diet Day: When losing weight becomes dangerous06.05.2014Also when diets are trendy: Today is the international Anti-Diet Day. Each year...

Health warning against diet product "Mexico Red Pepper" 26.05.2013 In the past few weeks, various experts have been ...

Anti-diet day: starvation diets are unhealthy and make you gain weight06.05.2013Today is the international anti-diet day. The inventor of the protest ...

Men start trying to lose weight much less often than women22.04.2013Men are diet muffle. A current survey commissioned by the "Ap ...

Breakfast should not be left out on a diet14.01.2013For the new year, many people have decided to ...

Advice from a dietician can help you lose weight22.10.2012Which economic benefits are nutritional advice for the health ...

Refuted diet rule: Eating in the evening does not make you fat

Bacteria in the intestine regulate body weight30.04.2012Bacteria apparently have a significantly greater influence on body weight than ...

New dangerous slimming products from China - "Super-Slim" has serious side effects17.04.2012In Germany, "Super-Slim & ldqu ...

A diet should not be started in a difficult phase of life10.04.2012The Federal Association of German Nutritionists and the Association of Diets ...

If you are overweight, do not expect short-term success from dieting.

Diet drinks increase the risk of vascular diseases 01.02.2012 Regular consumption of diet lemonade brings a clear ...

Consumer advice center offers checklist for checking weight loss cures12.01.2012Numerous diet programs promise an effective elimination of ...

Adipotide: Novel fat-away pill promises groundbreaking success28.11.2011How often has the pharmaceutical industry in the past few years claimed a new wish ...

Diet trends 2012: old failures in a new guise

Losing weight: tricks more promising than diets? 08/06/2011US consumer psychologists at the annual conference of the American Psychological Society

Authorities warn of dangerous slimming pills

State Examination Office warns of harmful diet pills from China09.03.2011The State Examination Office (LUA) Rhineland-Palatinate warns of ...

Diet: low fat and starch, but more proteinA comprehensive study on different diets has found out which program to lose weight on the ...

With weight loss, the concentration of harmful substances in the body increases. A study showed that the concentration of chemical substances ...

Do diets promote eating disorders? The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) in Cologne wrote in a press release ...

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