Healthy Stinkfruit Durian - Can You Eat That?

Durian - stink fruit with a special aroma
Asians love their durian, even if it stinks to heaven. Because the "Queen of Fruits" has an extraordinary taste that is reminiscent of a mixture of custard, almonds and roasted onions - accompanied by a hint of cream cheese. Exotin can also score with many valuable ingredients - including provitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and iron.

Since the carbohydrate content is relatively high, it also provides the body with an extra portion of energy.

The durian is the capsule fruit of the civet tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. The brown-green to yellow-brown fruits have an elongated oval to round shape and can be up to 30 cm long and 25 cm wide. They usually reach a weight of around three kilograms. The name derives from the Malaysian word "duri" for sting or thorn, because the shell is covered by thick spines. The ripe fruit falls from the tree and is collected.

This applies at least to sales in local markets. On the other hand, export fruits have to be cut with a stem shortly before they are fully ripe and carefully packed for transport. A ripe fruit exudes an unpleasantly sweet, putrid smell. Therefore, some airlines and taxi drivers prohibit the transportation of the fruit. In many hotels and public buildings in Asia, consumption is not welcomed to take the sensitive nose of tourists into account.

If you want to get involved in the new taste and smell experience, you can find the fruit all year round in Asian shops and specialty shops. Pay attention to an intact shell when buying. In addition to the smell, the shake test also shows whether the fruit is ripe. Because when ripe, the pulp loosens and "rattles" in the chambers. Durian fruits spoil quickly and should therefore be eaten quickly. A thick glove is necessary to open the fruit because of the spines.

It is cut in half with a sharp knife and broken open at the seams to remove the meat. Durian tastes best fresh, also in combination with other fruits in a fruit salad. The exotic delicacy can be processed into ice cream, fruit sauces and chutney. In Asia, durian is often cooked and served as a vegetable side dish. Even the kernels are edible and roasted a delicious snack. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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