Warning of the first cigarette - almost 70 percent become smokers

Warning of the first cigarette - almost 70 percent become smokers

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British researchers warn of the first cigarette

Smoking is addictive. But how quickly smoking makes you addicted has now been shown by a data analysis by the Queen Mary University of London. The data come from eight representative surveys with more than 215,000 subjects in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The shocking result is that almost 70 percent of people who have tried smoking later find long-term pleasure in cigarettes and smoke every day.

The unsuspecting youth sin can quickly turn into a real addiction. The scientists led by Peter Hajek have published their results in the specialist journal "Nicotine & Tobacco Research". According to surveys in English-speaking countries, around three in five people have ever smoked a cigarette. As a result, more than two of the three people who tried it later smoked at least daily for a while. The surveys fluctuated between 61 and 77 percent.

Study conclusions

Over two thirds of people who try a cigarette become daily smokers, at least temporarily. According to the researchers, the transition rate from first attempts at smoking to daily smoking is an important indicator of smoking behavior. The scientists use the data to show how quickly a harmless pastime can turn into a compulsive need. The result highlights the importance of current efforts to reduce cigarette experiments in adolescents.

Are e-cigarettes suitable for stopping smoking?

The vapor from e-cigarettes typically contains nicotine, but not most of the toxins inhaled when smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes have become popular among smokers who want to reduce the risks of smoking. One of the authors of the study, Peter Hajek, had previously dealt with the addictive potential of nicotine in e-cigarettes. The combined results of two studies with a total of 662 participants showed that using an e-cigarette with nicotine compared to the e-cigarette without nicotine increases the likelihood of quitting smoking in the long term. Further studies are needed to investigate this effect.

More tips on stopping smoking

Over 25 percent of Germans still smoke occasionally or permanently, but almost every second smoker wants to quit. Many smokers find it difficult to give up the previously "beloved vice" and to deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. However, there are many techniques, tips and home remedies here that can be used effectively to make it easier to quit smoking and the first time afterwards. As an additional incentive, it should be mentioned that a scientific study recently found that smokers are perceived by people as less attractive than non-smokers. (fp)

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