Successful weight loss methods: how useful are diets?

Successful weight loss methods: how useful are diets?

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Weight Loss: Losing weight can be done with various diets

Those who have not put on weight after feasting in the Advent and Christmas season and on New Year's Eve can really count themselves lucky. The treats have provided additional pounds for a large number of German citizens. To get rid of them, you should exercise enough and eat healthy. Different diets can help you lose weight.

Hip gold through Christmas gluttony

In the Christmas season, cookies, mulled wine, roasts and more seduced people into gluttony. The treats have caused an increase in hip gold in many people. Losing weight is therefore very high on the list of good intentions for many German citizens. If you want to lose extra pounds again, you can try one of the numerous diet forms. But be careful: Not all methods are healthy.

Not all methods of losing weight are healthy

To get leaner faster, many people often rely on nutritional programs that, for example, rely on low fat or low carbohydrates.

It is also often recommended to consume a lot of protein.

Some tricks, such as small plates, can also help you lose weight.

Low-fat diet products, on the other hand, are usually not an advantage, they make losing weight more difficult, as has been shown in studies.

And many popular diets are often unsuccessful, researchers reported. In addition, some of these methods are not healthy.

Weight loss without yo-yo effect

Experts always warn of incorrect weight loss. In order to reduce body weight without a yo-yo effect, it is important to eat a balanced diet and exercise a lot.

Regular exercise is recommended. It drives away the constant hunger, as has been shown in studies. In addition, more pounds can be lost by building muscle, which is why experts often recommend special strength training.

Nutrition is basically about sticking to a type of permanent diet with fewer calories if you want to reduce and then keep your body weight.

Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight quickly

A possible entry into the long-term change in diet can be a conventional diet. Low carb and low fat are probably the most common forms here.

In the recent past, so-called interval fasting has become more and more established. Sometimes the method is also referred to as a 5: 2 diet because it is eaten normally on five days and fasted on two days.

However, other regulations are also possible, such as the 16: 8 variant, i.e. fasting for 16 hours and eating for eight hours.

According to the proponents of this diet, the organism learns to use its own reserves through the built-in hunger phases, which lowers the insulin level and stimulates fat loss. The body is relieved, metabolism and organs can regenerate.

However, some experts also criticize interval fasting. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) wrote on its website: “The DGE does not consider this method to be useful for regulating weight in the long term. This does not result in a switch to a health-promoting diet. "

A classic: the cabbage soup diet

In contrast to interval fasting, which has only recently found its way from the USA to Germany, the cabbage soup diet is a true classic among all the weight loss methods.

The concept is simple: cabbage saturates and prevents food cravings. Those affected should eat as much of the soup, which is as difficult to digest as it is low in calories, and thus prevent intense feelings of hunger.

In many cases, this form of diet is very successful in the short term, but in the long term you often gain weight afterwards, criticize experts who consider this method to be one of the most dangerous diet variants.

Also because the highly one-sided diet entails the risk of a protein deficiency, which can lead to muscle loss.

The problem that you can quickly gain weight again after a diet exists in principle with all forms when you return to old eating habits after finishing. It is therefore inevitable to permanently change your meal plan. (ad)

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