Listeria pathogen: recall campaign for contaminated chicken meat

Dangerous bacteria: manufacturer recalls contaminated chicken meat

The meat product manufacturer Zur Mühlen has started a recall for several chicken products. According to the company, there was microbiological contamination with listeria. The bacteria can cause nausea and vomiting, among other things.

Listeria contamination

Meat and sausage manufacturer Zur Mühlen has announced a product recall for several products that have been sold in various supermarkets such as Aldi, Edeka, Rewe and Penny. According to a message from the food producer, it was determined in the course of quality controls that some “products could have been spotted with microbiological contamination with listeria”.

Numerous chicken products are recalled

According to the announcement by Zur Mühlen Markenvertriebs GmbH & Co KG, which the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published on its portal "", the following products are affected by the recall:

Chicken breast fillet pieces 150 g, chicken snack 150g, mini chicken steak 160 g, and chicken breast pieces with various sauces 145 g and chicken wings 160 g.

These are exclusively the aforementioned products with the best before dates:
Güldenhof chicken breast fillet pieces (classic, spicy, herbs) 150g, best before: 28.12.2017 to 15.01.2018

Snack Time- Chicken Breast Fillet Pieces w. various sauces 145 g, best before: 28.12.2017 to 15.01.2018
Böklunder chicken breast fillet pieces (classic, spicy, herbs) 150 g, best before: 28.12.2017 to 15.01.2018

Gutfried mini chicken steak 160 g, best before: 30.12.2017 to 18.01.2018
Gutfried- Chicken Wings 160 g, best before: 30.12.2017 to 18.01.2018

penny to go- chicken snack (classic, spicy, herbs) 150 g, best before: 28.12.2017 to 16.01.2018
Redlefsen chicken snack (classic, spicy) 150 g, best before 28.12.2017 to 16.01.2018

Affected goods should not be consumed
"Consumers who bought these products are asked not to consume them," the message said.

According to the company, the product concerned has already been taken out of sale.

Affected products can be returned at the place of purchase without reimbursement of the purchase price.

Fatal outcome possible

Listeria are bacteria that are found almost everywhere in the environment and are generally harmless to healthy adults. However, they can also trigger a so-called "listeriosis".

The pathogens can cause flu-like symptoms such as nausea, muscle pain, diarrhea and fever.

According to health experts, the germs can also lead to severe, sometimes even fatal, forms in certain risk groups (pregnant women, infants, people with weakened immune systems).

In fact, the first deaths from listeria had been reported in the summer.

Avoid certain foods

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), people from risk groups should, among other things, not eat raw animal foods (such as Mett) to protect themselves.

You should also avoid smoking or marinated fish products and raw milk cheese.

"In addition, simple kitchen hygiene rules allow consumers to avoid contamination of ready-to-eat food with listeria and the multiplication of the pathogen in the food," says the BfR. (ad)

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