Dangerous firecrackers: Authority warns of legal “crazy robots”

Dangerous firecrackers: Authority warns of legal “crazy robots”

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Bang trauma, burns, loss of fingers: Office warns of dangerous firecrackers

At the turn of the year, many Germans will let fireworks "really crack" again. Unfortunately, numerous people are injured every year. Some of the rockets and firecrackers are particularly dangerous. For example, an authority in Bavaria is currently warning of the “Crazy Robots” lightning bolt. If the ignition is in the immediate vicinity, there is a risk of bang trauma, burns and, in the worst case, loss of limbs.

Legally available fireworks can also be dangerous

Millions of people in Germany will greet the New Year with fireworks on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, there are burns to the hands and face, injuries to the eyes and eyelids, hearing damage and blast injuries every year. Although the risks of self-made or unauthorized articles are always pointed out again and again, legally available fireworks can also be dangerous. The Labor Inspectorate is currently warning the government of Upper Franconia of a dangerous lightning bolt that can lead to blast trauma, burns and, in the worst case, loss of limbs.

Burns, eye injuries and hearing damage

Every year, doctors warn of injuries caused by New Year's firecrackers and rockets.

Fireworks are especially dangerous for eyes, ears and hands.

"Particularly serious injuries occur with explosive devices that were manufactured in-house or have no official approval," writes the University Clinic Freiburg in a current message.

But fireworks that are legally available also pose a danger, especially a certain lightning bolt, as the trade inspectorate of the government of Upper Franconia now warns.

Authority warns of "crazy robots"

According to a press release from the authority, the Czech manufacturer Triplex has recently been offering an extremely loud lightning firecracker called the sound imitator "Crazy Robots" in the "P1" classification, which is unusual for fireworks, and which is sold in particular in the Czech Republic or Poland.

At first glance, their appearance suggests a standard New Year's Eve. The trade supervisory office considers these firecrackers to be fire-prone.

Because the contained net explosive mass (NEM) with 5 g is many times higher than with a legal New Year's Eve.

If there is ignition in the immediate vicinity, there are fears of bang trauma, burns and, in the worst case, the loss of limbs.

In addition, the safety distance specified by the manufacturer of at least 40 meters after ignition can hardly be maintained, especially not when third parties are present.

What to look for when buying fireworks

According to research, such flash firecrackers are also offered by other manufacturers under a different name.

This pyrotechnics can be recognized by the classification "P1" (CE xxxx-P1-zzzz) given in the registration number in connection with a net explosive mass (NEM) of 5 g.

In the meantime, the certification body has announced that it will withdraw the type examination certificate that has already been issued.

As a result, the “Crazy Robots” with the “P1” rating should no longer be sold in Europe. This would make their possession punishable in Germany.

More information on what to look for when buying fireworks and how to use them safely can be found on the Bavarian Consumer Portal (VIS). (ad)

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