Love: The longer the relationship, the darker our bedroom gets

Love: The longer the relationship, the darker our bedroom gets

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Survey shows: The longer the relationship, the darker the bedroom
"Light on": Usually it is said that the right lighting helps to stage something perfectly. But what about lovers' bedrooms? Does the light stay on or does darkness create the right atmosphere for moments of intimate togetherness?

In a study, the online medical practice DrEd ( asked over 1,000 people from Europe and America how they deal with the lighting during a "romantic tête-à-tête". The result: While the majority of singles leave the light on during lovemaking (54 percent), it is only 43 percent among married couples. The relationship status also seems to increase the preference for sex in the dark. Practical for all "light-shy" that winter has many dark hours to offer.

By the way: According to experts, too much and too bright light in the evening can have a negative effect on the natural sleep-wake rhythm. Artificial light in the dark often lasts longer. Therefore, indirect, warm white light sources are recommended for cozy evenings and romantic nights. Maybe one more reason for the dark bedroom.

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