Incurable brain tumor determined by pregnancy: 17-year-old only manages a few months

17-year-old pregnant woman with fatal brain tumor is hoping for a Christmas miracle

An extremely dangerous, incurable brain tumor was found in a 17-year-old American who is seven months pregnant. According to doctors, the young woman will probably only have a few months to live. Now she hopes for a Christmas miracle.

Pregnant adolescents with low life expectancy

A rare, incurable brain tumor was found in 17-year-old Dana S. from Pennsylvania (USA). According to doctors, the patient only has a life expectancy of three to nine months. Now the young woman, who is seven months pregnant, is hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Inoperable brain tumor discovered

In the middle of December, 17-year-old Dana S. from Pennsylvania was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor after a routine examination, reports the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The young woman is seven months pregnant and is unlikely to see her child grow up. According to medical experts, the patient only has a few months to live.

According to the newspaper report, the teenager suffers from DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). Such brain tumors are particularly dangerous and often cannot be operated on; not even with Dana S.

"Patients whose tumors are not accessible for surgery have a very poor prognosis", says the portal "".

"The survival prospects of patients with such tumors are zero," write the experts.

To live only two to three months without treatment

Doctors in Pennsylvania are now pushing to give birth to the baby within the next three weeks. Then the patient could start radiation therapy immediately.

This could increase adolescents' life expectancy to nine months and reduce the risk of complications for the child.

Without treatment, the doctors give her two to three months to live.

The teenager told the Daily Mail that she and her family are still discussing with the doctors what treatment is best for them and for saving the baby.

In the newspaper, she also explained how her serious illness became noticeable for the first time.

Teenagers thought of the side effects of pregnancy

Symptoms of ponsgliomas include, among other things, signs of intracranial pressure (headache, nausea and vomiting) and disorders of balance.

Dana S. showed the first signs at the end of November. "I noticed that swallowing was hard, then walking became more difficult and even speaking was difficult."

At the beginning of December, the symptoms worsened, and then her legs began to feel limp so that she could no longer walk properly.

At first the young woman thought that the symptoms came from pregnancy and stress.

Two weeks later, during a routine checkup, she told her doctor what was bothering her. The brain tumor was then discovered during a subsequent MRI examination. The first thing that went through her head: "Is my baby okay?"

Her mother Lenore, 51, had a similar thought: "Will I lose my baby?"

A patient expects a miracle

Because of her pregnancy, Dana has been reluctant to start radiation therapy. According to the "Daily Mail", cancer rarely has a direct impact on an adolescent baby, but aggressive treatment can be dangerous not only for the mother but also for the child.

However, because in this case the head and not the pregnant belly are irradiated, the risk is rather low for the fetus, according to the doctors.

As Dana's symptoms worsen every day, doctors recommend not to wait any longer.

While the prognosis is bleak, the young woman remains hopeful. "I won't go after what you say, I'm expecting a miracle."

The information on "" also gives a little hope: "The disease of a patient with highly malignant glioma can be unexpected even under the most favorable or unfavorable conditions." (Ad)

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