The classic for Christmas - carp a suitable fasting dish

Christmas classics: Carp is often served on the festive days

Carp is avoided by some fish lovers because of its reputation for being particularly fat, but the fish is often served on the festive season. This has to do with the Christian tradition, because Christmas Eve should be celebrated with a fasting judgment.

Carp is considered fat

Many consumers avoid carp because of its reputation for being particularly fat. It actually contains more fat than many other fish, but compared to most meats, it still passes as lean. It also supplies significant amounts of minerals such as phosphorus and iron, B vitamins and vitamin A. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends eating fish twice a week. Delicious carp recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things. Carp comes to the table in Germany especially at Christmas.

The classic for Christmas

In many parts of the world, the carp is very popular on the holidays. This goes back to the Christian tradition of celebrating Advent as Lent, reports the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE).

Christmas Eve as the highlight of Advent and the eve of Christmas Day should therefore be celebrated with a special fasting dish.

After a slight decline in recent years, per capita consumption rose again in 2016 according to the BZfE (112 grams per capita).

The carp ranks fourth in the popularity scale of freshwater fish behind trout, pangasius / catfish and pikeperch.

Taste is described very differently

The descriptions of the taste range from straw, bland or musty to nutty. This is due to its habitat, the experts explain:

The carp prefers stagnant or slow-flowing waters with sand and mud bottom and rich vegetation.

During the summer months, the fish also tends to have a musty taste due to the absorption of certain types of algae.

Mainly mirror carp on offer

The fish are of the best quality in autumn and winter. After fishing, the farmed carp also stay in a continuous pool at the Fischwirt for a while before going on sale; that significantly improves the taste.

Carp are offered almost exclusively fresh, whole or as fillets.

Mirror carp are mainly offered as food fish. They have few, irregularly distributed and larger "mirror scales". One copy weighs one to two kilograms.

Fried or cooked

For roasting - the breaded version is popular, traditionally eaten in the south - the skin must be peeled off. It works well with a spoon.

For carp blue - the cooked version - the skin and the layer of mucus must remain intact. When vinegar is added, the acid reacts with the mucus and then the skin turns blue.

The freshness of the fish can be recognized by the dark red gills and the caudal fin, which curls up in the preparation of a freshly slaughtered carp. (ad)

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