Bubble tea

Bubble Tea was suddenly on everyone's lips throughout Germany in 2012 - but the fashion drink disappeared from the market as quickly as it had come. The cold tea with added sugar, other flavors and balls of cornstarch in various flavors originally comes from Taiwan and was initially very popular, especially among children and adolescents. However, shortly after the market launch, warnings about the health risks of the drink appeared in Germany, which initially related primarily to the high sugar content and other ingredients such as artificial flavors or colors. A warning was also given against the danger of choking by the beads. However, press articles are largely responsible for the decline of the bubble tea era. These articles relate to investigations by the RTWH Aachen and report on toxic ingredients in the beads. Many of the statements in the articles were subsequently corrected by the scientists, but the demise of bubble tea was unstoppable. Since 2013, this has largely disappeared from the market in Germany. (fp)

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