Contraception: Heavy strain on the female organism from the pill

The birth control pill can be very stressful for the female body

The majority of women in Germany use contraceptive pills. Taking the drug is often accompanied by undesirable side effects. Women who want to avoid stress on the body can also choose hormone-free contraceptive methods.

Prevention with the pill preferred

"The pill is still considered very safe and is the most frequently used method for preventing pregnancy," says the Internet portal "" of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). An older study by the BZgA showed that around 53 percent of sexually active adults use the pill for contraception. "But it is also a medication and can therefore not be taken without hesitation," write the experts. In fact, taking the drug is often associated with enormous health risks.

Side effects and unwanted side effects

The pill has been continuously improved, but it is still not free of side effects and undesirable side effects.

These include nausea and vomiting, weight gain, sexual listlessness, abnormal bleeding, mood swings or breast tenderness.

In addition, women occasionally complain of increased fungal infections when taking the pill.

Serious dangers

However, in exceptional cases, taking the pill can also pose serious risks.

Modern birth control pills pose an increased risk of thrombosis and embolism.

Researchers also reported that the pill increases the risk of brain tumors.

And scientists from Denmark found in a recent study that taking pills increased the risk of breast cancer.

Last but not least, many users experience depression, as a survey showed.

Natural contraceptive methods without side effects

In addition to medicines, there are also hormone-free alternatives that cause little or no damage to health.

One of them is contraception with the temperature method, which, however, requires a regular lifestyle.

The woman has to measure and record her body temperature every morning at the same time as soon as she wakes up.

Another alternative, which also includes body temperature, is the "symptothermal method", in which the woman measures her body temperature daily and at the same time observes changes in her vaginal fluid.

With such natural contraceptive methods, attempts are made to determine the time of ovulation as precisely as possible in order to distinguish between fertile and sterile days.

On the fertile days, the couples then have to forego sexual intercourse or use condoms. (ad)

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