The younger patient was diagnosed with flu - the next day she died

The younger patient was diagnosed with flu - the next day she died

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Young woman is sent home with the diagnosis of flu - a day later she is dead

In the United States, a doctor diagnosed with flu sent a young woman home. The next day, the 20-year-old died in a hospital. There it had been determined what the young mother really suffered from - pneumonia.

Young mother dies a day after flu diagnosis

In the United States, a 20-year-old mother of two children who had been diagnosed with flu the day before had died last Tuesday, reports the US news channel "Fox 10". As it turned out before her death, the young woman suffered from pneumonia, a disease whose risks are unfortunately often underestimated.

The patient suffered from pneumonia

Last Monday, 20-year-old Alani M. went to a doctor because she didn't feel well. According to her aunt Stephanie G., the mother of two sent her home with the diagnosis of flu and some flu medication.

But at night the condition of the young woman worsened. The next morning, her mother took her to a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, with severe breathing problems.

There the doctors "took an X-ray and told her that she had pneumonia and then it went downhill steeply," said her aunt.

The patient was connected to a ventilator, but then her heart stopped.

Attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful

"They tried to resuscitate them and they tried for several minutes and they told my sister that there was nothing else they could do, that she left us," said the aunt to the deceased.

She also said that the doctors informed her that her niece had the flu that developed pneumonia. Previous illnesses were therefore not found.

"In a million years, we would not have expected to lose her on that day," said the aunt, who also explained that Alani M. had not been vaccinated against flu, but there was no indication whether this made any difference would have.

Risks are often underestimated

Pneumonia is still a neglected hazard that can be fatal, according to health experts.

As with most diseases, with pneumonia, the earlier treatment begins, the better. The question of how do I recognize pneumonia can have a life-saving meaning.

Symptoms such as cough, fever and feeling tired often appear first. These symptoms are often associated with a simple respiratory infection.

If the symptoms described are accompanied by chills or the cough is accompanied by a purulent or even bloody expectoration, a doctor should be consulted quickly. Because all of these are signs of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is the most common fatal infectious disease in Western Europe. Older people are particularly at risk in Germany, younger people globally.

The children's aid organization Save the Children recently reported that two children die of pneumonia worldwide every minute. Even though the dangerous illness can often be treated well. (ad)

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