With the right storage, the shelf life of Christmas spices can be extended

With the right storage, the shelf life of Christmas spices can be extended

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Cinnamon, cloves and more: Christmas spices can be kept for a long time if stored correctly

During the Advent season, many people are busy baking delicious Christmas cookies such as speculoos and gingerbread. Often you only need a small amount of the respective spices for the delicious cookies. So that the rest can still be used later, experts explain how best to store cinnamon, cloves and the like.

Make delicious Christmas cookies yourself

What is nicer in Advent than baking delicious Christmas cookies yourself? Typical Christmas spices such as cardamom, cloves and above all healthy cinnamon should not be missing. Often, however, only a small amount is required of the respective spices. The Federal Center for Food (BZfE) explains in a current communication how Christmas spices are best kept.

Use within a few months after opening

Before the Christmas bakery starts, an inventory of the spice rack is a good idea. Because what many do not know: Spices can also not be kept indefinitely. The natural products do not necessarily spoil, but lose their aroma over time.

This is especially true for ground products that should be used within a few months after opening. The best-before date on the packaging only refers to closed goods.

Those who have leftovers from the previous year can best rely on their senses. The "Aroma Check" shows whether the fragrance has already evaporated or the spice even smells strange and has lost its color.

If you like it particularly fresh, you can use uncrushed Christmas spices. Then cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks can be kept for up to four years.

If properly stored, anise and cloves can even be stored for up to five years. The essential oils are only released when ground in a mortar or with a grater.

Extend shelf life through correct storage

Ideally, spices are bought in small quantities and not in stock. This is especially true for Christmas spices, which are often only used in the season.

With the right storage, the shelf life can be significantly extended: Spices are best stored individually - for example in spice jars or dark spice jars with an airtight seal.

They like it cool, dry and protected from light. Moisture can cause mold to form, while heat and odors damage the aroma. For this reason, the spice rack should not hang directly above the stove. (ad)

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