Hospital stays with a positive effect on dementia patients

The correct handling of dementia patients in clinics can lead to improvements

If people with dementia have to endure hospitalization, this does not necessarily mean that the symptoms of dementia worsen. Such a hospital visit can even improve the skills of people with dementia if the framework conditions are tailored to the needs of these patients.

A current evaluation study by the German Institute for Applied Nursing Research (DIP) showed that stays in a hospital for people with dementia can improve their skills if the clinics are geared to the special needs of the sick. The doctors have now released a press release on the results of their investigation.

Doctors examine 400 patients for their study

The researchers accompanied the treatment of 400 patients in the Maltese St. Hildegardis hospital in Cologne over a period of three years. The special care unit of the Silvia ward in this hospital is designed very clearly and offers a kind of family coexistence with a kitchen and a day and dining room. Patients living here are also not fixed on their bed. In some other facilities, this is still done to avoid patients running away, the experts explain. According to the study, the relatives of the patients affected by dementia also particularly commended the open and warm-hearted treatment of the staff with the sick.

Staying in the clinic led to various improvements in the patients

During a stay in such a specially designed ward in a hospital, the mobility, mental skills and everyday competence of the patients improved significantly, the experts explain.

Treatment concept sets new standards

The results of the current investigation are also very interesting for all other clinics, the authors say. The concept really sets new standards. Such a concept can also treat people with acute dementia in hospital so that they can leave the facility stronger despite their illness.

Politicians and payers are now in demand

The politicians and politicians now have to provide measures for secure refinancing, the doctors say. So far, unfortunately, such treatment has only been possible for your own account. Under the current hospital funding, it is by no means possible for most homes to provide such treatment for people with dementia, the doctors add. (as)

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