Formerly the fattest patient in the world shed more than 200 kilograms

Further weight loss through second gastric bypass

The once fattest man in the world has set himself a remarkable goal: With the help of a new stomach reduction, the Mexican Juan Pedro Franco wants to slim down from 595 kg to 120 kg. In May of this year he had a first gastric bypass, through which he had already lost more than 200 kg. The doctors are optimistic that the 33-year-old is implementing his plan and will hopefully be able to walk properly again in a few years.

Entry in the Guinness Book of Records

Just a year ago, the Guinness Book of World Records had registered Juan Pedro Franco as the heaviest man in the world. Back then, the now 33-year-old weighed an unbelievable 595 kilos and had only been able to lie in bed for years. In May he underwent the first gastric bypass surgery and was able to use it to reduce his weight to 377 kilos.

Now the man wants to lose more weight and therefore had a second bypass operation performed. His doctors hope that Franco can continue to lose more than 200 kilograms and walk again in seven years, reports the APA news agency.

Stomach reduced by 80 percent

During the first operation, doctors told Gastric Bypass Mexico that the patient's stomach size had been reduced by 80 percent, causing Juan Pedro Franco to drop 218 pounds. Thanks to the weight loss, the man regained some mobility so that he can stand and walk a few meters. He also managed to do some exercises in preparation for the second gastric bypass.

“His metabolic state shows a tendency to improve, blood pressure is controlled and his blood sugar level is slightly changed, but is controlled with medication. Juan Pedro has shown a remarkable improvement and he can breathe better every time, ”said surgeon Dr. Jose Antonio Castaneda according to the announcement.

Doctors are optimistic

Now that the second intervention in a clinic in Zapopan in the west of the country took place a few days ago, the patient hopes to make it up to 120 kilos. The doctors are very optimistic. According to this, the operation went very well and there was a realistic chance that Franco could stop taking his medication and go properly again after seven years. (No)

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