Work stress

Work stress

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Work stress arises from excessive pressure to perform at work in connection with insufficient opportunities for relaxation. If the stress persists for a longer period of time, this can have numerous negative health consequences, including psychological problems as well as physical impairments. The work stress is not only associated with burnout syndrome and depression, but also with an increased susceptibility to infection, allergies and various other diseases such as Crohn's disease or neurodermatitis. In addition, stress can be the direct cause of symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, back pain or increased blood pressure. (fp)

Those who have a lot of stress at work often sleep poorly. Researchers from Oslo have analyzed which specific stress factors particularly affect sleep.

Stress at work increases the risk of heart attack03.10.2012Workers whose work is psychologically stressful and leaves little room for maneuver ...

Sick from work stress. In Germany, sick leave due to psychological illnesses caused by stress at work has been around since the nineties ...

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