Health risks: In some places in Bavaria the drinking water has to be boiled

Warning from the authorities: Drinking water must be boiled because of germ contamination

Because of possible germs, residents of certain places in the Freising district have to boil their drinking water. This has been ordered by the local health department. Studies have shown that the limit has been exceeded. The strain could lead to health problems.

Decoction for drinking water

The health office in Freising in Upper Bavaria has asked residents of certain places to boil their drinking water because of a possible contamination with germs. According to a message, the order applies to all consumers of drinking water in the area of ​​the water supply of the Baumgartner Group. According to the information, the results of a drinking water test showed that the limit was exceeded.

Germs harmful to health

"Due to a possible contamination of the drinking water with germs that could cause diarrhea and other diseases, the health department and the water management association Baumgartner Group have ordered the decoction," says the website of the district.

According to a report by the Bavarian Radio, an excessive coli bacterial level was found.

The bacteria called Escherichia coli (E. coli) belong to the natural intestinal flora of humans and animals.

According to health experts, some of them can cause gastrointestinal infections with indigestion such as abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

Infants, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk. Such contamination is unfortunately not uncommon, it occurs locally and occasionally from time to time.

Use only when boiled

The Freising Health Office points out that the water that is taken from the facilities of the Baumgartner Group Water Purpose Association “is now available for immediate consumption (drinking water), for the preparation of food and beverages (juices, baby food, ice cream, ice cubes, etc.) or when treating food (eg washing lettuce and vegetables), only use it in a boiled state (until it bubbles) ”.

In addition, objects that come into contact with food, such as. B. eating and drinking dishes, in dishwashers at a temperature of 60 ° C or above.

If no appropriate cleaning is possible, boiled water must also be used immediately. Complete drying after cleaning should be ensured.

According to the information, chlorine is temporarily added to the drinking water for disinfection within the permissible framework of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Affected citizens can obtain information from the Wassergrundverband Baumgartner Gruppe on 08168/1502.

Affected places

The areas in the area of ​​the public drinking water supply network in the following municipalities or their districts are affected in the Freising district:

For the city of Moosburg / Isar only the districts
Niederambach, Oberambach, Kirchamper, Feldkirchen, Pillhofen and Murr

Only the districts for the Au / Hallertau market
Reichertshausen, Dobl, Sindorf, Mösbuch, Holzmair, Sillertshausen and Willertshausen

For the Nandlstadt market
the entire market town of Nandlstadt and the districts of Baumgarten, Andorf, Kronwinkl, Reith, Zeilhof, Schatz, Hadersdorf, Altfalterbach, Schwaig, Kollersdorf, Tölzkirchen, Gründl, Kitzberg, Figlsdorf, Wadensdorf, Aiglsdorf, Höll, Meilendorf, Bruderersdorf, Weihersdorf, Kleinwolfersdorf, Riedhof , Small foundation, Zulehen, Faistenberg, Bauernried, Großgründling, Oberholzhäuseln, Unterholzhäuseln, Riedglas, An der Forstleiten, Thalsepp and Kollerhölzl

For the community of Attenkirchen
the entire community area Attenkirchen and the districts Gfeicht, Pfettrach, Brandloh, Aign, Roggendorf, Aignrüpel, Staudhausen, Gütlsdorf, Pischlsdorf, Berging, Rannertshausen, Hettenkirchen, Wimpasing, Kronsdorf, Götzendorf, Thalham, Haarland, Hohenmorgen, Gallersberg, Gehausen and Eisenthal

For the community Haag a. d. Amper
the entire community area Haag a. Amper and the districts of Weihrinnen, Sollern, Plörnbach, Holzhäusl, Wörlhof, Hausmehring, Obermarchenbach, Mittermarchenbach, Untermarchenbach, Seeberg, Inkofen and Wälschbuch

For the community walls only the districts
Mönchsberg, Wölflmühle, Kleidorf, Thal, Gandorf, Scheckenhofen, Kronwinkl, Hörgersdorf and Schwarzberg

For the Wang community only the districts
Inzkofen, Sixthaselbach, Bergen, Burgschlag, Grub, Schöneck, Holzdobl, Weghausen, Einhausen, Dornhaselbach, Schweinersdorf, Hagsdorf, Schlag and Scheckenhofen

For the community Wolfersdorf only the districts
Berghaselbach, Thonhausen, Kastenhofen, Sörzen, Kaltenberg, Seel, Badendorf and Alsdorf

For the community Zolling only the districts
Oberappersdorf, Unterappersdorf, Gerlhausen, Harland, Walkertshausen, Osterimbach, Ölpersberg and Haidhof. (ad)

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